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  1. Where r u seeing these at? I had a friend who went to SHOT show me some pics of them, they look very nice. I believe they had .308 handguards as well. My friend said they were so new APC didn't have pricing yet. Better looking barrel nut then the Lancer, not sure about function ;-)
  2. Why does it always seem the models that action shooters get interested in are always the last released? I guess we're the red-headed stepchild. I find it ironic DPMS touts a new slim and trim .308 variant and then releases all the heavier models first gotta love it
  3. Looks like the Hunter model is last to production, I haven't been able to find one anywhere.
  4. Nemo, Thank You!!! Exactly what I was looking for, pics are beyond perfect! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I was wondering the same thing about a .45 CORE, I keep having hopes and dreams of a Heavy Metal Open 3 Gun division, probably never happen........ up to a 50 round drum on a .308 plus an open shotgun, I think it would be a blast. Another thing I wish S&W would offer is a Compact 9mm CORE model, get an extended threaded barrel, put a comp on it and/or Magnaport it and you'd have the perfect carry gun, almost as good as the now defunct Modified gun
  6. I just picked up a M&P .45 Full Size w Threaded Barrel Kit to use for Heavy Metal Division in 3 Gun. Apex FSS went into it last night as did different sights. As of now my only gripe is how much force it takes to seat a fully loaded stock magazine. I know the TF Edwards 451 will help alleviate the issue but since I can't find any pics of the extension I am wondering if it will work well with the SSS Stainless Steel Magwell(wish I could find a brass one)? What I mean by work well is does it extend beyond the magwell to make seating easier instead of having to push slightly inside the opening to seat the mag. I can always buy the longer mag extension but I don't like the balance of them w 10 rounds as much as the shorter mags. Thank you, pics and PMs are welcome.
  7. On the other hand, the Seekins feels a little too wide to me, but that gives you a nice broad base to rest on props. I prefer the NSR over the Seekins. If it helps give you a comparison as most feel is going to be hand size dependent, I wear a medium glove in nitrile/latex/vinyl gloves medical type gloves.
  8. The Carbon Arms handguard is very lightweight but not a super small diameter. It is perfect for me. I just built a 16" with a 15" Noveske NSR for my wife. It is perfect for her, lightweight and she can grip it. Don't put a heavy comp on the end, defeats the whole purpose, the Dynamic Resistance is light and very, very effective. One thing that really made things more comfortable for my wife was one of the more vertical pistol grips like the Bravo Company ones or the Magpul MOE K. Less strain on her wrist.
  9. +1 you'll be saving a lot over the jp and it works great ....and I would go with the Dynamic Resistance/Carbon Arms comp. You know it's gonna work really well with the Nordic/Carbon Arms barrel.
  10. Thank you for all of the replies. I have been researching it quite a bit and was trying to avoid the lengthy custom route. It seems 1:14 was a pretty common .308 offering in the past before the "heavy" bullets became so prevalent.
  11. so with the UBR stock was this just an issue of length for comfort or was running a carbine stock cause malfunctions? When I was first having problems I switched from the UBR to the EFX thinking it may be the problem, it wasn't, the problems persisted and I left the EFX on purely because of the enhanced feel and balance. It was just a bonus it is a lot less $$$. With the UBR I found I never collapsed the stock and figured what was the point of having it on. The nice thing about trying the EFX is it made me willing to experiment with other stocks like the ACS-L for the better cheek weld the EFX and ACS offer. Prior to that I always used UBRs for my builds. Another irrelevant bonus is the EFX looks really, really good with the SD receivers.
  12. I have a wild hair that keeps making me want to find or have made a 1:14 twist barrel for a DPMS style AR-308 rifle. Do you know of anybody who has/makes a good one or will make in a fairly timely manner? FYI. I have no interest in shooting bullets over 147gr in this rifle or further then 500yds, if even that. Thanks in advance.
  13. I actually have 2 of them, fit and finish is impeccable and the tension screw to reduce slop between uppers and lowers makes for a much more solid feel when handling and shooting. One thing to remember is .308 AR style rifles are a totally different beast then the Ar-15 in regards to tuning and simply getting to run right. IMO the extractor in AR-308 rifles is the weak link. One of mine has a UBR and I'll probably remove it and put another A1 length stock on it. On Ar-308 rifles most of the extra length in the receiver(compared to a .223) is to the back, not the front. If I ran the UBR for the same length of pull I run my .223 it puts my nose to charging handle more like lip to charging handle. I already switched one to an EFX A1 and find it much more comfortable. The one I shoot the most evolved from a UBR, JP LMOS and SCS with Syrac gas block to the aforementioned A1 with Young MFG carrier and standard buffer and spring with a 17.5" barrel. I currently have an AR Gold trigger in it as I could get a lighter trigger pull with reliable ignition then the JP(love the JP in one of my .223s). Titan comp and Carbon Arms 15" handguard, Leupold Prismatic on top. I'm planning on revisiting the JP LMOS and SCS in the 16.75" barreled, iron sighted one as soon as I get another Hiperfire trigger(sidetracked into my wife's build) to replace the RR Match in it right now and the upcoming Dynamic Resistance .308 comp to replace the Titan. I would highly suggest the Rainier Arms Raptor charging handle especially for .308s. As for pistols.... If you shoot a Glock well, go with it. If you don't, I am running a CZ-97 and liking it although I am going to play with an M&P .45 with the Apex glock like trigger next, purely because of the safety mechanism which will make abandonment a touch easier Keep us posted on your build, it sounds pretty neat.
  14. Congratulations, sounds like a perfect rifle for the game. Let us know how it shoots.
  15. HAHA! He actually doesn't shoot and doesn't see the point in spending the money on guns. He will spend money on golf clubs, but I would rather make holes on targets instead of in the grass!! I had never touched a gun a few years ago. I work in a busy ER and I see crime first hand and have been confronted with angry punks before in the ER, so I wanted to learn to protect myself when I'm outside of work without my security having my back. I had a friend teach me to shoot and I wasn't half bad. I got bored just standing still shooting, so he got me into USPSA and I was hooked. I've bought 3 guns and had to ask for forgiveness after each one, lol. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right? Even better, keep it up
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