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Alessi Holsters


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So I've emailed and called just about every holster maker out there looking for somebody to make a OWB snap holster for my VIP. Nobody would do it. Finally Want2Race showed me Alessi holsters, I figure why not. So I call them up and speak to Jeff and tell him what I wanted. He said no problem, 4 weeks. Now I don't want to get to excited until its in my hands but just the simple fact that he said that it wouldn't be a problem its just a 3.9" 1911 with a square trigger guard. YA I can retire my glock holsters lol.

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If I like this one I'm going to see if they will make a ankle holster for my p 238

I have an Alessi ankle rig for my G27, and it's awesome. Rather than wait 4mos for one for my Kahr, I'm going to order one of the Ritchie models (they do list the P238 as available in the ankle rig). I'll let you know how it compares. R,

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This is in reference to the "NEW" Alessi holster.

About that "4 week" quote... I was told the same thing back in Feb. - took them 12. Its an OK holster - I had a shoulder holster - parts of it are done well - the leather work is excellent, parts of it are bone-headed.

EG, the screws for the straps, which are blind, chicago screws on every other shoulder holster I have or have seen, aren't. As such, you get little screws sticking into you, until you replace them.

Likewise, there was an odd "bolt" sticking out on my holster - again, not serious, and easy to replace, but just something that obviously should have never been there.

Its a good holster, and I don't regret the money, but they were dishonest* in their quote (It took several phone calls to get the holster, and a demand of either a "firm date or a refund."), and they still had some kinks to work out.

*I've grown tired of holster makers being fanciful in their time estimates. I'm in manufacturing - things happen, sometimes you miss a delivery date, but its supposed to be a rarity, and only by a short amount of time. As customers, shooters are far too tolerant of such behavior.

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