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2011 Colorado State IDPA Championship

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Are the IDPA clubs the only place to classify if I join? Or can an IDPA range/safety officer run me through the classification?

Yes an IDPA saftey officer can run you and he would have to sign and give you a card...

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Welcome back to the San Juan Shooting Range located in beautiful Montrose, CO. This will be our second year holding an IDPA Sanctioned match at this range. We hope that those of you who made the APG Western Slope Regional enjoyed the match. This year the Brose Team promises to make it even more exciting than last. Ever shot out of a coffin!

This year we would like to introduce you to an IDPA Skills Class offered 2 days before the match. The class will be taught by IDPA Four Gun Master Matt Simms. Matt is sponsored by Nighthawk Custom Firearms. You can visit Matt’s website at www.ADPA.BIZ or call 256-613-0009 for more information. Those of you that want to take your IDPA skills to the next level should look into this great class.

The match this year will consist of 12 to 14 stages with a minimum round count of 200.

Please visit our website at www.bxstidpa.com for match applications, information and updates. It is still early. Our match will be posted on IDPA by the beginning of the year. We look forward to seeing you at Montrose, CO in May 2011.

Thank you,

Greg Brose

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The IDPA Skills Class being held on Thursday May 19 with Matt Simms in now FULL. Those of you that signed up for the class will be shooting the match with the SO's on Friday May 20. If you signed up for the match please get your Match Application with Match Fee in as soon as possibele.

If you are still interested in shooting the match, please get your applications in by May 1. If you sign up after May 1 the match fee will be $100 and we will not gurantee you a T-shirt. If you have any questions regarding the match please email me at bxstidpa@gmail.com You can also contact me at 970-274-8056. Remember you must be an IDPA member and classified in the division you are shooting in.

If you are interested in being a SO for the match, please contact me at bxstidpa@gmail.com or call 970-274-8056.

We look forward to seeing you in Montrose this May.

Thank you,

Gregory Brose

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