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  1. We haven’t seen any interruptions in the supply chain. They have been on point and met my demands at a minutes notice.
  2. That’s just how we roll. A day or so back on 9-135s due to people putting in orders for multiple cases right now but should have it caught back up over the weekend.
  3. Not all coated bullet manufacturers are behind. I shipped all of yesterday’s orders this afternoon.
  4. We don’t print out the label until it is ready to ship. We don’t keep labels just laying around. The USPS problem here is not with the Alamo office even though I despise the postmaster there. It is with the Memphis hub which is down over 400 employees due to COVID. The reason it show leaving Alamo is because it has and it will sit in a truck in Memphis until they have the personnel to unload. Starting Monday will be shipping all 500 and 1000 Qty orders UPS as well as a 48 lb UPS case. We will continue to use USPS for the 65lb case but each case will be fully insured at no additional cost. We a
  5. Send me some close up pictures of loaded ammunition. Leading should not be occuring. It may be something we can fix easily. Also..what is your reloader and die setup?
  6. I have all of my 9mm 1911s and CZs reamed to accept 1.15 coated lead.
  7. I use a 135 gr BBI loaded with 3.85 of N320 at 1.150 OAL with Dawson Precision Mags
  8. Had a great time shooting with you on Saturday. See you soon

  9. The install was straight forward. No issues here.
  10. I went back to the stock trigger spring with everything else from the Apex kit installed. It is much better now. I feel a little more considtency in the pull with a "pull your finger back" reset. It is not quit like a Vanek Glock reset but better
  11. I have the entire kit in my M&P 9L and it is quite a bit different. The reset is not near as strong as I prefer so I will have make a few tweaks to get that more positive. The break is nice and crisp with no wiggle like you get from some glock triggers. If anyone has advice on how to get a little more positive reset back into the trigger Iwould appreciate the help.
  12. I live outside Jackson, TN. Send me some pics as I am interested. Would prefer if we could meet somewhere. I hate giving money to UPS.

  13. is just looking for the next match

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