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38 Super Loads With 121 G Bullet


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So now that I seem to have my open gun working reliably, it's clearly time to fiddle with something and break it again :blink:

I've been shooting Zero 125g JHPs over N350. I'd like to try a lighter bullet and happen to have a bunch of 121g. Since these would still make major if I ever get around to shooting in IPSC matches, I'd prefer to try these to 115s.

I've looked on Jeff Maass' page and there don't seem to be many suggestions for 121g loads. I didn't find much in a search here either.

Any one have any suggestions for some possibilities, probably using some varient of VV since I'm biased in that direction?



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I finally got to play with this a little last weekend.

My 125g load is 7.5 of VV350 and that gives 1360 fps for 170 PF.

I tried the same load with a 121g and it gives 1380 fps. Since this factors to 166, I suppose I could just live dangerously and run with the same load B)

I think I'll look for the extra 20 fps just to feel comfortable! One day I might have enough experience to know how many tenths I need to add to do that ...

Finding a time and a place to set up a chrono is a pain so I don't think I'm going to be changing load too often!


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I've posted some of my loads before.. maybe hiding under 'shorty' loads or TJ or supercomp or something. Anyway,

With a 121 Hornady HAP and my full-length no-holes-but-the-one-in-front blasters, all these make right at 165 PF--

8.9 4756 (depends on lot)

7.5 7625 (ditto)

8.2 3N37

7.8 N350

9.5 3N38

10.0 N105

For minor/steel loads, try (in snappy-to-bouncy order):

6.8 AA#5

6.5 4756

5.0 N320

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Try the same load you were using for the 125's. I was using 125 Zero's @ 10.6 N105. The exact load still made major with the 121's. 169.5 PF (Naitionals, Phoenix, Missouri). I don't have any experience with N350 though. Good luck.

<the above data is based on a 4.4" barrel 3 popple holes>

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