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Anyone Use Aa7 In A Dillon Loader-question


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I just switched over from Bullseye to AA7 for my 9mm, and on my older 550b the powder measurer sometimes gets sticky, and also sometimes slings a slight amount of powder out the front after the upstroke. I believe the powder dusting on my left arm coincides with a sticking return of the powder bar.

Is AA7 not a good powder to run in a dillon? I saw on a powder website that an AA7 equivalent military surplus powder had a note not to use it in a progressive loader, and wonder if any of you dillon users have found my problem to be common?

Thanks, Allen

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Hi all.

Im using AA7 now for 5 years in my 650, had the same problems.

It was with the powderbar with no coating and the new linkage and 1


Now I have a coated powderbar,old style linkage and 2 springs;

no more spilled powder and sticky movement.

But still a lot of unburned powder in the gun...

Im using a.38 super at 31.6 mm long with 121 grain bullets and 10.3 grain

aa7 using federal 100 primers.

My gun is a HPS/baer on a STI frame with 2 holes in the barrel and 8 port-

comp (c lesbaer.de).

a tip anyone?


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I have an original style Dillon measure (old linkage, 2 return springs, never touched the powder bar) and have been loading .38 Stupor with AA7 through that measure for way over ten years now with no problems whatsoever. Also have no problems with cleanliness in the gun. I pack it with SG and wipe the chamber with Kroil once in a great while (1000-2000 rounds) and thats about it. I never clean the barrel and the comp burns clean on it's own (way cool special effect at the comp every now and then). I love AA7 and have never understood others complaints about it, nor I have I ever experienced any of the negative issues that I have heard attributed to it. All in all it's a great powder for comped Sooper's



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Thanks for the replies and loads. I just called Dillon and the rep said they no longer sell/ use the black coated charge bar. The fellow said he uses AA7 and has problems also, too bad!

I tried again to get a second opinion-ie different rep, and all I said was that my charge bar is galling, and he happily is sending me a replacement bar and some plastic squares for the bellcrank to bar interface. I guess giving too much information for the first guy was a bad tactic. My bar is galled.... But I have been stoning it for some time. Maybe that is part of my problem.

BTW, I have always been 110% satisfied with Dillon, as I am sure all of you are also.


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