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  1. If it helps anyone make their decision on the match, there should be more than 16 slots available as well. Not sure how many, but some of last years "pros" are opting out this year. That should open up some additional slots for new competitors.
  2. Hey Jeff....I'll help you with the DQ clinic. I have experience and know of what I speak.
  3. I appreciate your service and wish you the best in your new endeavor. See you soon.
  4. I'm going to the range tomorrow. I'll bring the wheelchair by and pick you up.
  5. cpty1

    Rare X5

    Exactly how are you going to get that U.S. Optics scope mounted on that puppy?
  6. Your slingshot is still limited to 10 + 1 by USPSA rules, so that nullifies any advantage your slingshot or the XRail would have in USPSA matches.
  7. For those who may be blocking dealer forum posts, I have 125,000 CCI small rifle primers for $28 per K also. Here's the link: Primers at CPWSA
  8. Starting point for 125 gr Zero with SP2 would be around 8.7 or so I would suspect. I normally get around a 170 PF with 9.2 or 9.3. This again with a 125 gr Zero JHP at 1.155 OAL. 9mm major of course.
  9. You know what they say......behind every good man is a great woman keeping him in line.
  10. AH, sorry Rob, I didn't interpret your question correctly, even though it was worded correctly.
  11. No, the advantage of the rear focal plane reticle is the consistent size of the reticle throughout the whole 1 x 4 power range. The reticle is appears the same size on 1x as well as on 4x. With a front focal plane reticle, which is the USO standard, at 1x you can hardly see the reticle at all.
  12. Don't remember if it was ShootingUSA or Sighting In, (one of the Scoutten shows anyway), last night they did a piece on your scope and reticle design as part of their coverage of the USPSA 3 Gun Nationals. I liked the "nose to nose to 600 yard" reference.
  13. Thanks all. Brian...sure wish I felt like a 20 year old....
  14. You have a couple of options that I'm aware of near Lake Arrowhead. One is the Riverbend Gun Club (rbgc.org) and the other is the Pickens County Sportsman range. Riverbend is the closest and best option I think. The GA State USPSA match has been held there the last 2 years and new bays have been built recently to care for more 3 gun shooting. Check out their website. Not to mention, CPWSA is right down the road so you can buzz over for any accessory needs you may have
  15. That's because he was the only one of us that got a full night's sleep. If the truck's running, he's likely asleep. You might ask why we don't make him drive...well we did that once and that almost got us kilt too
  16. Sweet! Making both the MS and the Adams Arms match this year about kilt me.
  17. There must have been some sort of problem because I got a message from someone on Facebook saying they were unable to access the website as well. I can't find a problem so maybe the gremlins are gone now.
  18. I am not aware of any server issues. You can always call to submit orders also at 800-691-9085.
  19. I sent mine to Compass Lake and had them turn down to .750, back to 18" and recrown. It works fine with no additional work required to the gas ports.
  20. If you're talking about the Pan Am match, as I understand it there is no prize table. It's a medal match. I'll defer to Trapr on the High Plains match and whether they'll have a prize table.
  21. Agreed...S&B and Z6 would be best of the breed, but they're certainly not mid priced IMO.
  22. That's how I did mine as well. If you have a hammer with the serrations on it, I cut mine until just a bit of the middle, frontmost serration is still visible. Accomplishes the purpose with no problems.
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