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  1. You can take a punch and easily pop that rib out of the front of the mag. This also gives you built in witness holes.
  2. Ok, cease and desist with the sandbaggin' comments. Let the grandbaggin' begin. Chris Patty - OPEN Class: GM Pct: 95.60 High Pct: 95.60
  3. John, I can't believe this. Words fail me.
  4. Thanks Kingman for bringing this thread back to the forefront....my side hurts all over again now. Goes to show some things are just as funny the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time around.
  5. Link to my open gun: CPWSA Blasters Page
  6. Anyone hear of, or use a company called GearPay? Apparently they're a new PayPal type service that is pro-gun, pro-sportsman, and pro-American, at least according to their website. I've just started an account with them and will give them a try. I would love to be able to find an alternative to PayPal. The GearPay interface is very PayPal like. Here's the link to their site: GearPay
  7. Thanks Brian. I was looking for something on the banner post frame instead of at the bottom of the thread.
  8. Could someone post or PM instructions on how to pin the ad banner posts? Thank you.
  9. To the earlier SP2 load question. I've put about 11,000 rounds of major 9 thru my current gun with WSR primers, mixed brass, 9.2 grains SP2 with a 125 JHP. Averages about a 172 PF thru my gun.
  10. Bear, sorry about the mixup on who did the picking....all the tears in my eyes from laughing so hard kinda blurred my vision.
  11. Well, now that you mention it. There was some rather unsavory conversation about whether those stains were really the red Georgia clay that got on them when they fell out...
  12. There are probably a half dozen people waiting to put this post up, but looks like I got honors. Bear38, RKooi, JL Hardy and some others are probably still laughing too hard to post yet anyway. Picture this. At the monthly Cherokee match today, there was a stage where we had three 4' x 8' pieces of plywood up as vision barriers, with one, roughly 18" port in the middle of each of them. The middle piece faces directly down range with the ones to the left and right of that one angled a bit towards the side berms. There was a mix of targets that had to be engaged thru each port. Bear is ROing Singlestack and as SS arrives at the left side port, something white starts to appear at the bottom of his pants leg. As Stack arrives at the middle port there is much more "white" showing and by this time Bear is starting to get a bit distracted by this. Singlestack is still blazing away oblivious to what by now has the whole squads' attention. As SS moves over to the third port, a big "Hanes" label is visible for all to see. It is very apparent by this time a pair of underwear has made it's way down SS's leg and is resting on top of his shoe. By this time, everyone is literally rolling on the ground. SS still shooting away, Bear shifting focus and attention between RO duties yet still having to keep looking down to convince himself he's really seeing what he thinks he's seeing. After the range clear signal is given, Bear reaches down and pulls the underwear on out from SS's pants leg and hands them to him. Ah, you should have seen the look on John's face. It was priceless. Where's the video camera when you really need it? I learned three things from that incident. One: it is still possible for me to laugh so hard it hurts. Second: Always check the legs of pants for "items" before putting them on. Third: Singlestack is a Hanes tighty whitey kind of guy.
  13. In no particular order: The African Queen Mr Majestic Heat Outlaw Josey Wales Forrest Gump A River Runs Through It Legends Of The Fall O Brother Where Art Thou - if you can get through the bluegrass music (if you're not a fan), it has good cornpone humor, but if you really want to get high brow, try to find all the parallels between the movie and Homer's Odyssey. Oops, gotta throw in Swordfish. (Edited by cpty1 at 8:19 am on July 31, 2002)
  14. Why does it matter? Probably doesn't to some, but have you ever tried explaining the B vs. C zone scoring logic, or lack thereof, to a new shooter? This being usually the same new shooter who is already confused as can be by the complexity of calculating a hit factor, and then converting the hit factor into stage points. Sorry to thread drift, but the question was asked. I'm done.
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