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XDM40 Major loads


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i am sitting on 3 different kinds of bullets for 40sw

1MG 155g fmj

2Rainier 155g plated Flat nose

3Rainier 180g plated Flat nose

anybody use any of these bullets for 40 major?

if not...just toss me a load that you have liked using in your XDM40 and i can start looking at and comparing.


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Wow... all these lighter bullets! I use mostly 180grn bullets of various kinds and lead 180's for practice. I use 5.8grns of Silhouette which is really the old WAP remade by Ramshot. OAL of 1.130-1.135 or so. Has a nice recoil impulse, burns clean, and doesn't heat up the gun too much. I don't like Tightgroup for major 'cause the gun heats up too much on a long string of fire.

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175 lead SWC 4.3 Bullseye 1.135oal 170 PF smokey buy very cheap

This load really pushes it to 971 fps? I really need to invest in a chrono.

I use bullseye as well for the same bullet. My mold drops them closer to 179-180 grains though. I use 4.1 grains seated at 1.125". I haven't chrono'd these but I estimated them around 900 fps.

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yep have chrono it many times and when it was really cold it chrono at 165.2 but in the texas heat it is great.

Good to know. Since that last post I've ditched Bullseye and have gotten a chronograph.

I don't miss all the extra soot from bullseye.

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