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I have been Carmonized Too...


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I have been wanting a super slick revolver for IDPA for a while. I found a deal on a S&W 66-1 from the original owner and he had never shot it much.

I bead blasted it and sent it right off for the Full Carmonize treatment. I got it back yesterday and the first time I dry fired it I said "I don't know if this will light a primer or not". It does!

I shot about 150 rounds in the action pit at the range today. The gun is really nice shooting. Never missed a beat and reloads dropped in like glass, even with a hot, dirty gun, something my 686 has always given me fits about.

My 686 needed warranty work and sine S&W was paying shipping, I had the Action Job done at the factory. They did a pretty good job, or at least I though until I had the 66 done, it is much smoother in all aspects.

I have a local match next Sunday and I am looking forward to showing it off and shooting a match with it.

Thanks, Mike, for making a great gun even so much better.

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No, I am not much or good at pictures.

I have put 300 rounds through the gun at the range and about 90 rounds in a match. I had one misfire at the match but suspect in my attempt to go fast I didn't get off the trigger and the round (last one) fired when I cycled through it again.

I did manage to get a -0 on that shot after cycling through the whole empty cylinder, while retreating from the target, to get to the live round and got a round of applause from my mostly polymer shooting squad.

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