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  1. If you are talking about a S&W: The pin you are referring to is the tip of the bolt. The cylinder release has an oval boss/protrusion that rides in the slot on the left side of the frame. I've had to gently remove some material from the front of the boss on several Hogue extended releases. This will allow the tip of the bolt to be flush with the recoil shield. Easy check, just remove the cylinder release and note the difference. The bolt (the tip) should be flush with the recoil shield. Good luck.
  2. Just tried it, and the site is back up.
  3. Ran a NSSF Steel match on it using the new template. No problems, previously used the regular Steel Challenge template. Posted results directly to Practiscore.com and tested email results as well. EDIT TO ADD: Used plain old NST.
  4. I've run into the exact same problem before. Shooter pulls out of match, and you delete them in EzWin. Export the match to the Nooks, score the match, and try to bring it into the master Nook, and BINGO! Major headache until I figured out. Could not find any documentation on the issue either. The solution was to squad up the deleted shooters in order to sync to the master. Then all was well.
  5. Yes, I've had it thicken up to the point the slide wouldn't cycle. Easy fix, don't put it on too heavy. Can't really say it was gummy, more like "Karo" syrup! Wipe off the excess before reassembly, and all is good. BTW, I've been very pleased with it after using it exclusively for one year. Carbon just doesn't stick anymore.
  6. I always used the tool by hand. Figured adding power to the equation would increase disaster factor. The tool is still sharp, so I think it's worth a try. Got another stainless to do, then onto cutting titanium by hand. This should be fun.
  7. Scored a titanium cylinder for my 625, hoping to kick Skip Chambers to the curb for good. My notches are so beat up, I can't dress them up anymore. I've got the Brownell's tool to chamfer, and I've done about half a dozen stainless cylinders for myself and friends. I'm confident of my abilities to do the job. The question is, will it work on the titanium, or do I need a different tool? I thought I'd check here before I possibly ruin a great tool. I've searched but only found info on chamfering regular cylinders. As a side note, it came with the extractor. The extractor has the start of a decent chamfer cut on it, but the charge holes are perfect right angles. Thanks in advance for your input.
  8. Had that exact problem a while ago in a batch of .45 ACP range brass. It was old and had been on the ground for awhile, and my theory was that the primer had corroded itself into the primer pocket. The decapper punched out the anvil and top of the primer cup, leaving a perfect little ring in the primer pockt. It was the sides of the primer left behind. There was no indication this had happened, except when you try to seat a new primer. Tried using a pick to get it out, with zero success rate. They went to the scrap bucket. See attached image:
  9. The two I've been considering are below, never used either yet: http://custombrassprocessing.homestead.com/services.html http://dcammo.com/?page_id=48 If you should find others, would like to hear about them.
  10. The match is completely full! There are a limited number of slots to shoot with the staff on Thursday.
  11. Couple of Saturday slots just opened up with last minute cancellations. Get'em while you can. First come, first serve on USPSA self squadding.
  12. The clock continues to tick down to the first shot of the EGW 2012 Area 8 Championship. Only three and a half weeks to go! In case you're wondering what kind of competition you'll be facing, take a look at the attached PDF. As a side note, we're down to the last TWO competitor slots. Get'em while you can. 2012 A8 competitor stats.pdf
  13. We're down to the home stretch in terms of registrations. We've just released 14 more PREMIUM weekend slots, including 5 all day Saturday slots. There are also some AM/AM and AM/PM splits available. I expect to start a wait list with tomorrow's mail delivery. You'll be notified via email if you're on the waitlist. All entries recieved as of last Saturday's mail have been entered and uploaded.
  14. Posting from the range: Results for Friday and Saturday AM squads are up on the USPSA website. Saturday PM squads are half done shooting. Results will be up later tonight.
  15. WE ARE FULL!!!!! The FedEx man made my day. Thanks to shooter D. McMorris for bringing the match to capacity. The waitlist will be begin today with any subsequent applications received. Those on the waitlist will not have their checks cashed until they are accepted into the match. This will be the highest attendance in VA/MD Section history.
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