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  1. fwiw: I too would say its brass being too clean from the wet method. The times I have wet tumbled, once the cases were dry. . . I run them for 45-60 min. through corn cob treated with nu-finish & mineral spirits, cap here & there depending on the times/cases tumbled. I spray with Dillon case lube/spray, haven't had an issue with cases sticking to the drop or die.
  2. fwiw: As mentioned above, A LOT of BE members use this combo of: HP-38/W231 & similar burn rate smokeless pistol powders topped with a coated 147 gr. bullet. I prefer/use: * HP-38/W231; N320 [Powder Charge Varies with each mentioned power & lot] over 124 JHP & 147 Coated 9mm bullets.
  3. Natchez, has 1# (Limit 10x) & 8# (Limit 1x) of HP-38 in stock; As of 03/24/2016 @ 1650 CST
  4. ^ Update: Natchez has HP-38 8#, limit 1x, in stock; As of 03/24/2016 @ 1647 CST
  5. Dont know where that location is but...If your looking for HP-38 then Natchez has the 1# cans in stock as of this morning. +1 Natchez, limit 10x 1#(s) . . . . Sorry, just saw these posts. Powder Valley had N320 4# in stock a few days ago, but showing out of stock as of 03/24/2016 @ 1527 CST. PV has 1# in stock at this time.
  6. Seems some of the long sought after powders are popping up more often than not, Hodgdon/Winchester; VihtaVouri, etc. Hope this is a sign of good times to come fwiw: Got me some HP-38/W231! Been several years since I've been able to pick up some HP-38/W231 to replace the last 8# I hooked up a buddy of mine getting into reloading: Today was a good day
  7. fwiw: I'm thinking too light of a load for the G26 w/ factory RSA. My G17/G34 load works out great in my G19, but G26 . . . Not so much. G26 accuracy was not on par with the longer G17/G34 barrels with the minor PF load. The G26 did like my "warmer" W231 124JHP loads - recall it being something like 4.6-4.7 W231 under a 124JHP & a bit more with 115 JHP . . . dont have my notes on hand.
  8. Just sayin. . . . As of 031716 @ 2248 PV has N320 4# in stock (Limit 4x: 16# per order)
  9. fwiw: For me - No order: - W231/HP38 - N320 - Titegroup for Jacketed 124 -or- 147 Coated -or- Jacketed
  10. Small Primer Magazine (for the 650): Dillon Part Number 22032 Be sure to look on the Dillon web site to confirm that this is what you are asking about. Hope this helps. ^ Thank you "mpssrh" !
  11. 9mm: Coated 124 & 147 N320 W231 / HP38
  12. 9x45, Thanks for the tip! Would you know the Dillon Part Number for the 650 magazine tube?
  13. N320 3.3 grains, Topped with Bayou Coated 147 grain G17 w/ Bar Sto . . . Have numbers somewhere, will post if I come across it.
  14. BE member "Darrell" is the man when it comes to posting load info. for members. Darrell, if you read this THANK YOU for always posting data! I find it great to compare his/feedback Here are a couple of his threads & posts: Power Pistol & 124 MG HP http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=112892 Precision Delta 124 JHP Test http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=81857
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