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Any other good places to find use guns?


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Figures, I win my gunbroker auction and then see the glock 34 with work already done to it in the classifieds. Well it will not be here for this weeks match but I should have it in a week or so

Of course! It was always planned like that! Haven't you ever noticed that when you buy a car, they go on sale the next week? :rolleyes:

Have fun shooting your new Glock!

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Don't know where you are at, but keep an eye open at your local gun stores. After not finding any G34 or G35s anywhere close I also resorted to buying a G34 on Gunbroker.com. A couple of weeks later, I stumbled on two "used" G35s at a local store that you couldn't tell from new. Picked one up a couple of hundred less than new. Never expected to see them and wasn't planning to get one until next year but there they were.

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Glockmeister seems to have periodic sales of police trade-ins at fair prices.

You can also join GSSF (Glock Sports Shooting Foundation) to not only participate in their matches, but also for the yearly deal they offer members on new Glocks at very good prices (though you might wait quite a while to get your order).

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