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  1. I JB Weld it to the bar and loctite the threads. I have had a issue with the micrometer coming loose from the bar. Keep and eye on it.
  2. Well, if it's one twist in 18.75 inch's then the old one would not finish a complete twist in the barrel. It would do about a 1/4 twist in a pistol barrel. But the 1/9 would have completed about 3/4 of a twist in a pistol barrel. If that helps anyone who is trying to tell what they got.
  3. Yes, M Die has a different flare setup but the rest is like the dillon. I tried the m in 9mm and it was not worth the trouble on the 550. Sold it away.
  4. 11lbs in my experience wont even get the gun into battery properly. I would not go lighter then 13lbs. I use a 15lb in my G34. Try the lighter spring. Chamber Check the ammo you test to be sure it passes the plunk test so you can rule out the ammo issue and just focus on the spring testing.
  5. 98sr20ve

    KKM Barrels

    I shot 9-10 rds of my self cast lead bullets into 2.5 inch's FREESTYLE at 25 yds. KKM barrel. If you include the flyer it was under a 4 inch group. This was at the end of a long session shooting. Just standing in the sun, no bracing. To me I doubt the stock Glock will do that.
  6. I won't recommend a TL design in a G34. I had issues with a stepped bullet in my G34 and TL bullets basically have a similar step. I also hate TL. You can TL any bullet is the theory.
  7. If it helps. I am load a 143gr lead bullet at 1.080 with 4.3 grs of Unique.
  8. I don't have my Lyman manual but I know it has a ton of Unique data in 9mm. Just use the 121gr lead data and load it at the OAL your barrel will accept. Start low and work up. 4gr of bullet weight is not important. Chrono it into the higher 130pf range (what Unique likes) and your done.
  9. 98sr20ve

    LW Slides

    Why are they better?
  10. I had the same issue. I polished the disc and the little tab. Not an issue since.
  11. I always recommend reading the instructions (even the diagrams in the back as they have good info) once before you get the press, during setup and then a week or two later. You will be amazed what you will learn. Of course you could just choose to learn through the school of hard knocks. Thats the harder way in the end.
  12. I have never had a primer not fully disengage. What die are you using? I have also never had 380 case bind as you describe. How fast are you going. Fastest I go is about 5mins per hundred. I "ride the reset"on the press. I go faster on the parts that don't index and as soon as I hit the indexer I slow down.
  13. 98sr20ve

    Glock warranty

    They just replaced a cracked slide on my G34 that was over 5 years old. They ignore their written warranty.
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