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The little caveat

Chris iliff

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I have started to notice this in myself and I'm working to correct what I now see as a defect. When someone achieves something, I have, sometimes, after offering my congratulation, added a caveat that actually detracts from my well meaning. Now that I notice this, I wonder if it might stem from some sort of lack of confidence on my part. I'm sure that no matter how right I may be, it makes me a smaller person. I think that the need to point out a negative in this type of situation is SMARMY. It is really just a way to say "I am superior", or "Look at me". I think most true champions do not do this, so I will correct this in myself.

I actually could put this in the "what I like category", I like self reflective epiphanies!

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Its a defense mechanism. To put someone down to prop yourself up. Its good that you noticed it and are actively going to try and change it. The first part of rehabilition is to aknowdledge that you have a problem.

But at the same time if we don't have defense mechanisms, then we would all go insane...

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