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Glock G17 or G34 for an Unlimited/Open gun


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I am thinking about building an unlimited/open gun for GSSF and USPSA.

I had planned on using a ported G35 as a base gun. This would allow me to make Major Power Factor without having to hot rod my handloads. I dropped that plan due to comments I read regarding .40 S&W magazine capacity.

Currently my options are:

Start with a G17 and replace the stock parts with a barrel/comp, C-More STS, lightweight striker, springs, rod, trigger work, mag well...


G34 with a 4 port Lone Wolf barrel, C-More STS, lightweight striker, springs, rod, trigger work, mag well...

The advantage to using the G34 as a base would be a feel close to my G34 IDPA gun (and G35 Limited gun), the ability to remove the barrel for cleaning, compatabilty with my G34/35 holster, slightly shorted overall length, better balance and much lower cost to build the gun.

My concerns and questions are:

1- Will I get enough energy from the ported G34 barrel to eliminate muzzel lift with minor and major loads?

2- Since a ported G34 barrel has a slightly shorter length of solid barrel before the ports start bleeding off gas (compared to a G17 barrel and compensator) will I be able to make Major 9 with handloads.

BTW- for those who like to say "use the search function"... been there and done that. Although I have a Springfield TRP, and love the 1911/2011 flatform, an STI/SVI is out of my budget range at this time, plus it could not be used for GSSF. I can buy a either of the Glock base guns listed above with a Blue Label LEO discount keeping the cost down. Cost is a BIG factor, but I don't want to waste time and money on something doomed to fail from the start. Thanks.

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I have 2 G 34 open guns. Both have KKM barrels and KKM 4 port comps. One has a melted DR w/7 min dot and a "THE" mag well the other a Fast Fire II w/4 min dot (I like the 4 min dot) and a heavy ICE mag well. The FFII is plenty bright and easier to place for long shots.

I made recoil rods out of full length 1911 rods and turned them down so they take ISMI recoil springs.

I really like the G34 for major 9, the longer barrel makes it easier to make power factor, are super reliable and shoot very soft.

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Question 1 - NO

Question 2 - Yeah, sort of, but see #1

I would talk to John at SJC and talk to Billy at Jager Products. Betting that both will try to talk you into a G17 with a true compensator and they would both be right. A ported barrel alone is only legal for Open but not competitive in Open.

My own preferences - others might disagree - are for

1st - lightest, shortest trigger possible

2nd - heaviest possible gun

3rd - very low mounted, bright dot

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I've had every combination imaginable and Eric is right. I have 2 SJC guns and they are the best open Glocks I have ever shot. One has a stainless CCF frame and is heavy, it wouldn't work for GSSF but it shoots so soft.


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Between the responses posted here (and on another forum where I asked this question) it looks like my best option will be a G17 with a Jager kit. It may not be as competative as an STI/SVI 2011 style gun but it gets me into the game for a price point I can handle. Since I can buy the G17 for the Glock LEO Blue Label price and a Jager/Lone Wolf barrel package I could do the entire project for under $1,000. I will just have to be carefull working up my 9 Major loads for the G17. Thanks for the respones.

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It may not be as competative as an STI/SVI 2011 style gun

I respectful disagree. Your gun is just a tool and your choice is just fine.

This thing is all about the craft. ;)

The Jager set-up is one h@ll of a value.

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