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  1. Ok Mr SouperMan, if you are ever in San Diego I owe you a bowl of soup because I'll be damned if you weren't spot on. After trying the reduced power TRS and immediately feeling it was soggy, my factory TRS is back on and that trigger feels much better! Anybody want a free reduced power TRS? LOL.
  2. Thank you, sir. I'm curious how low people go and can still fire any kind of round. I'm at 15# now. I've heard 13# is still doable.
  3. Good morning from sunny San Diego. Anybody know the factory hammer spring weight on a 97B? I'm interested in how far away from baseline I'm moving as I go lighter. Thank you! (If you have thoughts on your experiences going lighter on this gun, please feel free to share that too.)
  4. I read in a book somewhere something about only ever buying equipment that will help you shoot better, not anything that you think will make the gun shoot better. I might be butchering that but you get the point. And hell yes gold plating helps me shoot better
  5. I can imagine how a lighter TRS weight would lead to the trigger feeling not as crisp, especially on the return now that I'm picturing it. Now I'm eager to try for myself, thank you!
  6. I tend to dry fire any time these zoom meetings get boring. Turn the camera off, aim at my little orange sticker on the wall, and click away. This happens a lot. Dang now I'm real curious to see how this CGW TRS is going to feel.
  7. Less than a year for the factory CZ or the CGW? I just ordered the CGW one last night. Believe they said theirs are supposed to last longer.
  8. This thread was awesome and really helped with some great ideas for polishing. I made an account just to say thanks. My kids loooooved hearing me curse and bang away at the hammer pins. I'm curious as I've only worked on Sigs and Glocks for the most part before buying a 97B; are CZ's typically a little more advanced to work on? Also, how greasy do you guys like your inside parts to be? I've heard everything from heart attack diet fried chicken & ribs greasy to vegan salad with minimal dressing light film greasy and I'm curious what other people who shoot these particular guns say.
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