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  1. I’m going to try it without the buffer and see how it goes…process of elimination. I also swapped out the recoil spring to the shortest spring that came with the gun.
  2. the rack is smooth but very tight…the TSO comes with 3 mags and it happens with each of them
  3. How do I look up my SN to see it’s date of mfg?
  4. This is my CZ TSO with custom grips from LOKGrips
  5. thx for the feedback, I will double check my shooting process. I might even take a video and post it if I can figure out how. Do you even need the buffer? This is the only firearm I’ve ever seen a buffer on. My HK’s have a plastic or Teflon ring around the recoil spring but no buffer.
  6. I’m shooting Maxxtech 115g ammo, which powerful ammo would you suggest? Yes I cleaned and lubed my CZ according to CZ’s instructions, using shooters lube. It is so tight, so I’m sure the more I shoot the looser it will get. Right now I will get one round stuck between the factory mag and the barrel, ( it varies, could be the second shot or the 15th shot ) so I have to hit the mag release button…drop the mag and hand cycle the slide to get the cartridge to come out. Then reinsert the mag and it cycles properly for the remainder of the 20 rd mag. In no way am I limp wristing it, just a little disappointed that this is happening on a $2,000 dollar handgun. When it does shoot properly it is by far the most accurate handgun I’ve ever shot.
  7. So far I have been impressed although I have had a couple of FTF, it’s not stovepiping but it won’t load the next round. Maybe it just needs to be broken in. But it is by far the most accurate gun I’ve ever shot and I love the *thumb rest [generic]*, it really helps with recoil. Thx for your post…
  8. I have ordered a full sized poly 80 frame and jig but I cannot find any barrels, slides, upper and lower parts kits. Can anyone help me out here. This will be a home defense handgun so I only need OEM parts. Any help with locating vendors would be greatly appreciated…
  9. Thanks for all the info guys. I’ve contacted LOK grips for some custom grips but haven’t heard back yet.
  10. I just purchased a CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange. I’ve always been a Colt 1911 guy but I read so many great reviews about CZs that I thought I’d give them a try.
  11. I just purchased my first CZ( CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange ) and I’d like to customize it. I need the red short grips and red mag release button for aesthetics. I’d also like to mount a Holosun red dot and I understand someone makes a mount that attaches where the thumb rest is currently. Anyone know where I can get these items?
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