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  1. Local rules not allowed unless approved by HQ.
  2. Uspsa rule book, read it.
  3. It is a stupid rule that you can't remove your belt with a holstered gun but you can handle an uncased pcc in the parking lot and other places on the range while not under the direct supervision of an ro. A holstered pistol you have no access to the trigger so why isn't it treated the same as a cased gun?
  4. Only a range officer can retrieve it, let them deal with it.
  5. If they are in a restricted area, all divisions have to comply 3.3.1
  6. I don't think it matters if you reverse the order. Check with nroi to see what they say, this has come up before and iirc they previously said the order of engagement doesn't matter.
  7. What is the reason L10 is a division? If there is a magazine restriction all divisions have to follow the statute so L10 is kind of pointless.
  8. they aren't going to eliminate ss, production or L10 eliminating divisions will not help participation, production and single stack are never going away l10 is stupid, but its there so it will stay I don't see why they wouldn't add single stack with a dot, a lot of old guys want to shoot their guns but can't see well, so why not add it?
  9. if you want major scoring with 8 rounds, there is single stack
  10. last open equipment survey I could find from USPA (2018) didn't even have a CZ listed, so they are so few being used in the United states they didn't even show up in the equipment survey How many people from the United States used a CZ at the world shoot in Open? The United States dominated the last World Shoot, over 50 Gold Medals IIRC, no one from the United States shot a CZ Open gun. Are we shooting overseas or in the united states? Whenever I have been at Nationals I have never seen a contender with a CZ, sure a b shooter here and there but no top tier shooters. They aren't
  11. the people that are winning nationals in open are shooting 2011s, read into that whatever you like. how many people in the top 50 at open nationals shot a CZ? JJ is shooting a beretta now, but I am pretty certain everyone else is shooting 2011s.
  12. it is a fact, look at who is shooting what at nationals, they do an equipment survey, when has a shooter with a checkmate ever won nationals?
  13. 2011s dominate Open for a reason, they are better guns, the checkmate is ok but not as good as a 2011.
  14. if the shooter jumped the timer, what rule says they have to stop the shooter immediately? Yes they can make you re shoot the stage, if you refuse, the shooter gets a DNF. Wasting a bunch of ammo may teach the shooter to wait to be started next time. could be a fast stage and by the time the RO realized it, the shooter was finished with the stage. Or the RO wanted to let the shooter burn up a bunch of ammo.
  15. what happens in the shitter stays in the shitter, creepy peepers need to mind their own business.
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