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  1. be patient he will get it out to you as soon as he can, if you dispute it you get your money back and it free's up a timer for someone else.
  2. DirkD


    was the safety on if a single action gun? What would the DQ or warning be for?
  3. I think it was a mistake not to have magazine length limits when it was provisional, but they didn't and they will never go to magazine limits making peoples existing mags illegal to use.
  4. So what, open is limited to 171.25 mm mags, not all 170s hold the same amount of ammo. I have some that hold 29, some that hold 30.
  5. DirkD

    Your club

    that isn't a safety rule, he put his safety on.
  6. DirkD

    Your club

    Not My Club, I was a guest there.
  7. happened last year no second, this year no second, I think that means they (Mike Foley) doesn't like the idea, probably don't want 2011s in Carry Optics. They want to keep as many manufactures in the divisions as they can, allowing single action would mean a lot of people milling their 2011s and shooting them in CO.
  8. Nobody cares about magwells in carry optics
  9. why shouldn't USPSA's priority be focused on their current members, the ones that pay their salaries?
  10. Not enough people in USPSA want 15 rounds in production, it doesn't make much sense to go to 15 rounds in Production anyway, it couldn't even get a second.
  11. why not? Let the shooters decide what they want to use.
  12. yeah but no 2011s or CZ SA Only, but they are allowed in IDPA.
  13. I am glad they left Production at 10 rounds, I would have liked to see them go to SA in CO though.
  14. i don't think it has to encircle the mag, but I am sure some RO's and MD's will try to bump people to Open over it
  15. a magnet would be a individually contained pouch as long as just one mag is on it I think.
  16. DirkD

    Your club

    One of my IDPA Club's follows the rules, pretty strictly, we do coach new shooters at Level 1 matches, but other than that, the MD is pretty strict on following the rules and using the proper range commands. The other club not really they are old school, doubt the guys running the matches and building stages have read the current rule book and they go by intent pf how the stages are built and to be shot, rules don't apply unless they want them to. I have shot other matches and they are pretty sloppy on the rules and range commands, so when I shot sanctioned matches there, was not surprised the same cavalier attitude, wrong range commands and wrong application of the rules were used. If you shoot IDPA, USPSA or any other sport, I think all clubs at all levels should follow the rules, use the proper range commands otherwise don't call it an IDPA or USPSA Match, clubs that do this half assed crap at their level 1 matches are teaching their SO's/RO's, it is ok to do crap however they feel like doing it and it carries over to bigger matches. Had a guy in SSP starting with his CZ hammer cocked safety on, I told him that he needs to start hammer down for SSP or he should shoot ESP, I showed him how to safely lower the hammer at the safe area, he didn't like the idea, he shot the rest of the match doing it, no one else from his club knew that rule, i told him I didn't care but wanted him to know what the rules were, it wasn't my club and not sure what you do in that case anyway, it was a Level 1 IDPA match, he said all he shoots is Level 1 matches and would never shoot a sanctioned match, guess he has been doing it as long as he has been shooting. I think clubs that follow the rules, teach the shooters the rules but don't look for reasons to hammer shooters on every little detail build better stages, have better matches and help grow the sport. If you won't follow the rules just have outlaw matches, see how well that works, IMO/IME Outlaw matches have no rules, it depends on what the RM, RO, SO, MD thinks at that time and who the shooter is. No IDPA nor USPSA Pays clubs, unless they rent the range for a match. IDPA clubs for certain matches pays IDPA, I don't think they pay anything for Level 1 matches or classifiers. Every USPSA Match the club pays USPSA, if no classifier it is $1.50 per shooter, if there is a Classifier then $1.50 activity fee and $1.50 classifier fee, that is for every shooter that shoots the match, even if the shooter doesn't finish the match or is DQ'd.
  17. This isn't the place to discuss things like this. The pictures are legal, if you were trespassing while having a firearm that is a felony in most states, pictures can be posted of other people on Facebook legally, since the person who took the pictures owns the copyright to them.
  18. You don't understand sarcasm?
  19. that is called cheating, but some people seem to think it is OK, USPSA kicks people out of USPSA For cheating, pulling this should be no different, same thing as when a RO purposely "bumps" into a shooter when they have a problem, so they get a reshoot, this is cheating and it should result in a ban from USPSA.
  20. They had to throw Limited 10 and Revolver in with Production and Single Stack to fill the match, only 30 spots left, hurry up before this sells out.
  21. DirkD

    ESP question

    If it doesn't say slide forward hammer down in the stage brief, you can start slide locked back or hammer cocked.
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