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  1. Well, Houston escaped the wrath of Laura... this time. Feel really bad for the folks in LA though. Wonder if JM will be posting videos anytime soon???
  2. And here I thought it was just me who couldn't find those options on the mobile site anymore... I'll book mark that messenger link. Thanks for suggesting that @BritinUSA
  3. I find my G22 with nice .40 minor loads from Atlanta Arms shoots even softer than my G34 with Winchester White Box ammo. So much that I’m considering letting the G34 go...
  4. I’ve got one collecting dust... has about 300 rounds through it and a Glock OEM minus connector...
  5. What happens when you toss in the .224 Valkerie into the mix for punching paper and ringing steel at the 1000 yard mark? 6.5mm < .224 < 6mm?
  6. I'm running a Jager steel guide rod in the "heavy" .270 diameter along with a Wolff 13lb spring in my Gen 5 G34. It's the standard length, as they don't have the extended length yet for the 5th gen models, like the earlier models. The gun sees nothing but range time with factory 147g ammo and reduced power "Steel Challenge" type loads from Atlanta Arms.
  7. Hey there Deep, welcome to the forum. The post you're replying to is over two years old and the original poster hasn't logged in since then. But, a quick Google search shows the Nordic listed on many online gun stores, such as Classic Firearms. Out of stock and a selling price of $1600-ish.
  8. OK... quick update... Spoke to Magpul... they've already got an RMA issued to swap these out. Talk about stellar customer experience.
  9. Hey all, Has anyone purchased any new Pmags in the last few months? If so, are you having any issues with your bolt locking back on an empty mag? I took a combination of Pmags and Duramags with me, all loaded with a single round, alternating between them and non of the Pmags would lock the bolt back, even with my gas block fully opened. Figure I'll give Magpul a call this morning and see if they have any feedback/suggestions/etc. but it does appear that in my rifle these Pmags won't hold the bolt back. I'll have a chance to test them out in anothe
  10. It's a good way to get close enough at longer distances... making it easier to get on target. That whole "50/200" may be "close enough" for some shooters... but I find that it's still off by a few inches. Spend the time dialing in your rifle and ammo for actual, known distances... it'll give you a lot more confidence when pressing the trigger!
  11. I'm a fan of the Miculek comp... while I haven't had a chance to run any matches with it yet... it allows me to view target strikes on paper at 300y with a 25x scope with nothing more than a bipod supporting the rifle. Still a bit too much movement at 200y with the 25x scope... but 300y was impossible to follow without the comp installed. This being with standard 3100fps 55gr factory loads. Can't wait to see how it'll help double taps/etc while shooting offhand and a more reasonable 1-4x scope.
  12. Hello all, If you pull the charging handle back slowly with an empty magazine, should the bolt catch hold the edge of the BCG as well as the bolt face? It's been over 20 years since I've had an AR rifle, but don't remember this happening in the past. Brownells BCG and Aero Precision lower... happens with Aero and CMC bolt catches as well as Magpul 20/30 round Gen 2/3 and 30 round Brownells metal mags. I spoke to Brownells and they suggested I send the BCG back for a replacement, but they've never heard about this before. Figure I'd ask first to s
  13. I reached out to the folks at C-More and they mentioned there could be Black Friday sales and suggested I add my name to their mailing list in the event other specials pop-up between now and then. There are a lot of guys at my local club who are running Swampfox LVPOs... I haven't had a chance to see them in person yet, but have heard good things about them.
  14. For those of you looking for a C3 at a reduced price... Amazon has a few in stock right now for $812 and change...
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