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  1. I'm still new to competitive shooting. Really new. But I'm shooting revolvers. I think I do it because in my mind it's harder to shoot revolvers well than just about any other handgun. Why do you guys shoot wheelguns in competition?
  2. Hey guys, just getting into the competitive game. I have a Smith M&P R8 that I'm shooting Steel Challenge with right now in .38 Spl. I anticipate doing some USPSA, and ICORE mostly with the R8 but occasionally with a Glock 34. When I shoot USPSA and ICORE with the R8, I plan on shooting .38 Short Colt. I've been hoping to find a bullet mold that might pull double duty for 9mm and .38 SC. The throats on the R8 slug at ~.357" all the way around, the barrel at .355" Thinking that either the Saeco 928 or the Lyman 356637 will throw a bullet that can be used in the R8 without sizing and in a 9mm after sizing, depending on how it throws. The Lyman concerns me a little because of the flat point and reloading with moon clips in a revolver but I may be getting lost in the weeds. I'd probably go with the Lyman if you all think it would work just because the 4 cavity Lyman is substantially cheaper than the 4 cavity Saeco. Y'all got any thoughts?
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