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  1. Unless your eyes are getting a bit old and you need that wide of a front post, I would reduce the size of the front post until you notice a reduction of accuracy at typical use max distance. But the rear is probably in the ball park, width wise.
  2. I think that a lot depends on usage and personal preference. For faster target acquisition most people prefer a fair amount of daylight on either side of the front post. For bullseye shooting it might go the other way, but would require a smaller front post. What are you planning on doing with your Para?
  3. A nice article explaining how to achieve a 2.5 lb trigger pull on a 1911 https://www.brownells.com/aspx/learn/learndetail.aspx?lid=12535
  4. If you really liked your friends trigger, I would try to measure the trigger pull weight before trying to achieve 1.5 -2.0 lbs. That woud be extremely low. Maybe great for static target shooting, but not ideal for steel shooting or similar. As far as the trigger goes, on my RIA there was an adjustment tab, but the trigger was loose in the frame (up and down). With the Wilson Combat I installed in its stead, I had to fit it and thereby eliminated the vertical slop, which made the trigger feel better all by itself.
  5. With some polishing, smoothing and adjusting, you can get your existing trigger down to 2.5lbs or less and you can take as much pretravel and overtravel out as you are comfortable with. Question is, where do you want to be?
  6. AHI, when you say that the conversions have been 90% reliable, what exactly do you mean by that. One in ten rounds fails to fire? Fails to load? And what would cause this, slide too heavy? Recoil spring weight incorrect?
  7. Ah, with the radius path drawn in, it makes more sense. Near zero mechanical leverage applied by the negative angle. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. That seems really dangerous. Bump it and it would go off. It was always my impression that the sear is supposed to match the trigger surface at the very least or better yet go the other way a little bit.
  9. OK, so basically once I become a better shooter, I will have to drop the trigger weight on the 1911 and spend some time on the sear face, drop the trigger weight on the Glock some more and then do another comparison. But more than anything, it sounds like the 1911 trigger has been the standard for over a century and therefore everyone is trying to duplicate its feel. But a lot has to do with what you grew accustomed to. Any trigger that has been developed enough, should be great for the person that is used to that particular feel.
  10. If you sight at 30' then you will be sighted at 25 yards as well, or really close to it. Try this shooters calculator, it will give you a pretty good idea. http://www.shooterscalculator.com/ballistic-trajectory-chart.php?t=1902169b
  11. I hope this is the right sub-forum, but I am curious about the benefit of a 1911 trigger compared to a Glock trigger. Being a member on both 1911 and Glock forums and seeing their respective reaction if you cast aspersion on their favorite toys, I was hoping for a more neutral ground to ask my question. For comparison, I have a RIA 1911 with a slightly worked trigger and a Glock 17 Gen 5 with some time spent on modifying it. Now I am not a gunsmith and pretty new to guns, but the 1911 is slightly below 3.5# and has .060" pre-travel with the slightest bit of creep before the break. Feels nice, but the Glock has a 2.3# trigger pull at center of the trigger (under 1.75# at the tip) with a rolling break and .075-.080" reset. Both triggers can be improved on (probably a bunch) and maybe I am not good enough to understand, but it almost seems like the Glock is easier to shoot. No wall to upset the shot. Being a relative noob and having no allegiance or crazy loyalty and devotion to either (I like both), I am curious why it seems to be universally accepted that 1911 triggers are the best there are, all other triggers are inferior and Glocks outright suck. Stock maybe, but it does not take that much work to improve either, just a bit of experimenting. So, what gives?
  12. Thank you all for the responses. I guess part of the reason I asked this, is that I am looking for an excuse to buy another gun. And I did not realize that the 35 can easily be converted into a 9mm. That kind of sells it, a two fer. I can justify that to my better half pretty easily and I basically end up with a 9mm long slide as well. Perfect!
  13. Curious what people think would be a better gun for starting in competition, USPSA and Steel. The two I am leaning toward are the G22 or G35. I already have a G17, so I am leaning towards the G35 so that I have a long slide as well as a standard length slide. Not interested in red dot sights, just steel sights for now, if that should factor into this. Would love to hear what peoples opinions are on this.
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