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  1. Brucenterry

    Reloading supplies in Cincinnati

    I asked Country Attic if they could order some, and they found it listed in the Aliant catalogue, but their min. order is 10#'s. Unless they have other requests...I don't think this will happen since they'd never heard of it.
  2. Brucenterry

    Reloading supplies in Cincinnati

    For anyone interested, Country Attic has N320 in stock (2lbs) as of Saturday afternoon. They have almost all Allaint powder too but no Sport Pistol. Have a great weekend. Bruce
  3. Brucenterry

    Reloading supplies in Cincinnati

    Thanks Ken, I asked them to order some and they said they'd call me when it's in. I'll let you know if that happens.
  4. Brucenterry

    Reloading supplies in Cincinnati

    Thanks Sarge, that's where I usually go but they're out of N320.
  5. Brucenterry

    Reloading supplies in Cincinnati

    Where do folks in Cincinnati locally purchase your powders? Thanks in advance, Bruce
  6. Brucenterry

    CCI Blazer Aluminum 115 Grain

    Yes, I noticed it just the other day. A fellow shooter also commented that it is hotter (higher pressure because of the alum. case?) than other brands but that's good if your training....it's closer to a carry round so recoils is more similar. I had no trouble running it thru 2 glock 19's and CZ clone and at $8/ box it's affordable.
  7. Brucenterry

    How to make 9mm reloads equal factory?

    I think I read somewhere that if the bullet is truly tumbling, your velocity may be too low for your barrel. Try upping the powder charge (using a Chrono) to see if that helps. Also be sure to have cardboard behind the target to support the paper or the holes will look like a tumbling bullet. The best luck I've had so far is w/ SNS 135g coated behind 3.8g of N320 at 1.135 in a CZ. Good luck.
  8. Brucenterry

    POI Shift with Reloads

    You may try swapping barrels to see if it follows the gun. Only other difference is the recoil spring. I have a gen4 that does this. Had several people shoot it and tried several brands of ammo but still the same results (high left). Swapped barrels and it improved so I bought a KKM barrel but still not as good as my gen3's.
  9. Brucenterry

    HP38 load for 135gn coated lead

    I'm running the 11# spring as well. I've installed all Cajun production legal parts including that spring. Nothing wrong w/ HP38 (W231 same powder), I only started w/ it because I'm new to reloading and folks recommended it as a good universal powder and it would be hard to double charge based on volume required. I only switched because I heard such good things about N320 and ran across it locally (no hazmat fee) so I gave it a try. I do like how N320 meters on my Dillon 550 sq. deal! Once you work up some loads, test for velocity vs. accuracy. I think you'll find that IDescribe was right on the money. You'll probably get the best accuracy ~137ish PF. You can go lighter, but I don't know that you'll really be able to tell a difference in felt recoil so why not be as accurate as possible. Good luck!
  10. Brucenterry

    HP38 load for 135gn coated lead

    Mike, I just went thru this exercise w/ an SP-01. My barrel my be slower down here in Cincy vs. Cleveland (lol), but it required 4.0g of HP38 to get good groupings. I've since switched to 3.8g to VV N320 (just a tad hotter) because I feel it meters more accurately. Like IDescribe indicated, target a higher PF, CZ's like faster rounds to be accurate. My most accurate load has a 137PF at 1.13 OAL behind 135g SNS bullets.
  11. Brucenterry

    N320 and 135 grain Coated Lead

    Thanks everyone! This helps tremendously.
  12. Brucenterry

    N320 and 135 grain Coated Lead

    Thanks Taroman, 3.8g's got me to your numbers exactly out of a CZ, just wondering how much is too much! I ran 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9g. 3.9 felt/shot the best, not sure if I should try going hotter to see if accuracy improves or do you base the best load on min ES/StDev?
  13. Brucenterry

    N320 and 135 grain Coated Lead

    Vihtavuori doesn't list data for N320 and 135g coated lead that I can find. Anyone know what the max loads so I don't get into pressure trouble? OAL is 1.131. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Brucenterry

    If Federal is #1, what's your #2?

    Not to hijack the thread, but I was looking here for primer recommendations since I just ordered a Dillion 550. I'm using the OP's setup in SP01 decocker w/ a CGW Pro Package. I could use suggestions on powder and bullets brands and sources if allowed. Currently shooting 115g and in my first match and had 3 lite strikes w/ factory Aguila ammo. At first I thought I short stroked the trigger, but afterwards remembered it was DA on second pull. Thanks in advance. Bruce
  15. Brucenterry

    CZ Tuning 101 with Professor Atlas

    Biglou13...Yes, I have the 13# hammer spring that came w/ the Pro package. Maybe I'll try the 1200 (11.5#) to see if I get light strikes. bowenbuilt....what adjustments need to be done to the trigger bar?