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  1. Great idea! Do you have to cock the hammer each time you dry fire in order to use the laserlyte pro trainer? For example, with a Glock one would have to rack the slide after each pull of the trigger. Is this correct? Many thanx for sharing!
  2. Bill-J; Stage 3; Pinman, Jtaliani -- Many thanx for the photo and to all for your helpful input!
  3. I want to mount a C-More on my new Ruger Mark III for Steel Challenge rim fire open. Does anyone know if the C-More Railway model will fit on the stock rail that comes with the Ruger Mark III? If not, what mount do I need? Thanx!
  4. Then what you need is this combo: Allchin Ruger C-More mount C-More Slide Ride or Railway Black Dog HMK-01 Holster The Allchin mount will place the C-More as low as possible, unless you get one of my 90 degree laydown mounts (not available to public yet). the holster will perfectly fit a 22/45 or Mk series with the Allchin rail and the optic as long as you don't have a VQ slip on comp on the barrel. If you have a TS Pac-lite upper and their screw on comp that will fit ( Tactical Solutions sells the holster). The holster fits a Buckmark with the Allchin rail and C-More also. Does anyone know if the C-More railway will fit on the stock rail that comes with the Ruger Mark III? If not, what mount do I need? Thanx!
  5. I recently began spraying Pam in the comp and found it does help. I'm also about to try Dillon Case Lube as suggested earlier in this thread. However, here's a link to another product (PB Blocker) I just ordered that is supposed to minimize lead buildup in the bore. I'm hoping it will also help to minimize lead build-up in the comp. I'm shooting FMJ's that very quickly build-up lead in the chambers of the comp. I'll report how the PB Blocker it works. The PB Blocker is also sold by Dillon. PB Blocker home page: http://pbblocker.com/ PB Blocker review in Glock forum: http://theshootingbench.yuku.com/topic/1170 If it works, keep it up right? I might just have to give this a try the next time I give my comp a good cleaning. Joe W.
  6. GO GET'EM Cliff!!!! Your Florida home-boys are rooting for you!
  7. Ben-- I'm a relative newbie, and your website has been very helpful to me. It's one of the best free resources available. Your written material combined with demo videos is easy to understand. I just watched your 'Dynamic Exit/Entry' video and a light bulb finally came on! For some reason the importance of shooting as you exit a position and how to do it never fully registered until now; but your video and demo did it. Thanx for so graciously sharing your knowledge with the shooting community!!!
  8. FWIW, this firing pin does not have holes or anything cut out of it. It appears totally stock. Thanx for everybody's input!
  9. js82, yes, the Matt Burkett drill is very similar to Flexmoney's suggestion. I've only had a chance to try it a couple of times but it's helping already!! I'm also using double ear protection. Thanx for your reply.
  10. Singlestack, I think you're right. The randomly inserted dummy round helped to make me aware of a flinch which occurs before the gun fires but didn't really help to correct it. The technique posted by Flexmoney in this thread is what's helping the most. Thanx for your response.
  11. Pro-Pain, yes, it's a very clean break. I don't know what kind of firing pin it is and it never gave any symptoms prior to the break. I have no idea what caused the break.
  12. Soundwave, thanx for the tip. Charlie graciously offered a replacement but I already had one, so it was no problem. Charlie is a super guy and I still like his products!
  13. Oops! The file was too large. I had to reduce the file size. Here it is attached.
  14. Has anyone seen a firing pin break like this!? Kinda weird*#$%!? It's a G35 with a trigger Charlie Vanek installed about 5 years ago. It's got about 5k rounds through it. I replaced it with a stock firing pin and did not notice any change in the smooth, light trigger pull; still works great!
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