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  1. Picking up a legion today with a Romeo 1pro. Wanna shoot a steel match this weekend. I have N320 and some 124 blue bullets and some 124 berrys hollow base. Any quick suggestions as a good starting point. Thanks for any help.
  2. I am gonna start loading .40 long for my new limcat single stack when it gets here next month. I have 8 lbs of WST and have been wondering what to order 180 or 200 grain blue bullets. Would anyone else care to share some WST loads with 180 and 200's and give their thoughts? Thanks
  3. Taran butler built me an 18.5 m1. With rifle sights. Best shotgun I have ever used for 3 gun period. I have had them all.
  4. Do you have a link where I can order the herthco ones?
  5. So I just my 627 v comp and a handful of ranch products moon clips what brass seems to work well with the? Thanks for any help.
  6. Thanks guys went with the v comp!
  7. thanks for the help keep it comming......i guess i should have added it will be an open icore pistol.
  8. looking to get my first competition revolver and would like some thoughts on these two pistols. thanks for sharing.
  9. I load 4.6 of solo 1k with 180 bear creeks. And my edge is a dream to clean thakes me about 10 minutes from start to finish, I switched to this powder only for .40 because it is so clean with zero leading. I can shoot two or three matches before i feel the need to clean my gun.
  10. I had this great experience happen to me for all six stages yesterday at a local uspsa match. I started to feel a cold coming on midweek and questioned going shooting on Saturday and i am glad i did. I had no preconceived notions of "shooting fast" or finishing well. I got to the first stage walked it two or three times and was ready to shoot. Just before the buzzer i told my self to have fun and relax and just go shoot.My mind went blank their was no other thought than get to my gun and run the course as i had planned i was not rushing and did not feel rushed. I was able to duplicate this for every stage it was amazing each time i was afraid that i would lose that "zen" but i blocked it out of my mind and just performed without thought i just saw the targets and pulled the trigger i was able to call shots for the first time with total trust. their was no thought other than some great focus on what was in the moment. I had total clarity for six stages and shot the best match of my life. Hope i am able to harness what i discovered and continue this extreme clarity in shooting.
  11. There seems to be a commom theme here. Most people started with the glocks, m&ps and others then ended up buying a 2011. I did the exact same thing. Save your money to get a STI edge in .40 you will be glade you did. Dawson percision makes very nice and reliable 2011's.
  12. Im just guessing that you are in the military, if so call dawson percision. They give a very very good military discount and you can get the super tuned edge hand tuned by dave dawson for alot less than most other builders.. Thats what sold me, a gun guy who supports the troops.
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