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  1. I shoot Berry's plated bullets in PCC and had no issues with lead or buildup in the comp. I changed to a Wiland barrel without a comp now, so I am not sure if I need the plated bullet, but will stick with it since it shoots and loads well.
  2. I would clean it and let a few rounds fly. I bet you would be surprised. I have seen rifle barrels with terrible machining remnants in the barrel that shot just fine.
  3. I wear the Darn Tough socks as well. If it is sloppy I change to Goretex hiking boots.
  4. For me, shooting PCC in Steel Challenge only, I have found that I was able to cut time every time I made a change that lightened the rifle. My load is about a 130 PF, and I have very little dot bounce. Using an ultra light weight barrel moved the weight between my hands and made transitions much faster.
  5. A true, 5-shot 1/2 MOA gas gun is not a simple build. Be happy with consistent sub-MOA with the occasional smaller group. At your price point, Ballistic Advantage has some nice barrels that shoot well.
  6. Don't forget loading mags between stages!
  7. I know that viton o-rings can be used in a pinch. JP has said they are not normal o-rings though.
  8. I am running Eley Force.
  9. Blue Bullets just emailed their sale out. 15% off medium flat rate boxes 11-29 to 12-02. Code: BLUESARETHEBEST
  10. Shot mine this weekend in a match and I really like it. It ran 100%, and it transitions fast. It is enough of a difference in transitioning that I am going to have to work on stopping it a little quicker. I am very happy with it.
  11. It is a shrouded barrel, but the gas is still having to escape from the end of the shroud. I have never noticed any real bounce of the dot with my other standard barrels that have comps on them, and do not notice any with this one either. To me, one advantage with this barrel and the ports is the added noise. There will be no problem with a timer picking the shots up if you get an RO that doesn't get the timer close enough. Mine surprised me at how loud it was when I shot it.
  12. Got my new stainless barrel with the ports today. Put it on my action and only had time for a quick function test before dark. I can tell you that no timer will have a problem picking it up. Ran the Eley Force without a hiccup. I hope to get to test accuracy tomorrow.
  13. I am not talking about shooting their peak classification time overall every match, instead I am talking about people who may have a peak of 80, but don't break 100 in a match.
  14. I have been making some observations as I watch other shooters in Steel Challenge. I see shooters that have some very fast times on their classification stages, but they can't shoot within a second of that time in normal matches. I shoot very close to my peak times at most matches, and when I don't I know why (had to count a string with a miss, had a malfunction, etc). So this makes me wonder why so many can shoot the much faster times on their home range, then they are 10+ seconds off when they are anywhere else. I had serious issues with a rifle at a Tier 2 match for 4 stages, but still wound up shooting within 6 seconds of my fastest time, so I don't think it can all be blamed on equipment or nerves. What do you guys think is the issue?
  15. I have shot the new load in two matches so far, and it has worked well. Almost no dot bounce at all. I think it may be possible to soften it up just a tad more without slowing cycling down, but I don't want to make any other changes until I move to the next classification. I am just over a second from master, and have cut over 3 seconds since changing the load.
  16. In my earlier response I talked about redundancy of spare parts, but I also should have mentioned that I take note of issues other shooters have at matches. Today I saw a guy that somehow developed a burr somewhere in his pistol. He was having repeated FTE issues. He searched high and low for some small files or sandpaper. I will now put a little bit of sandpaper in my parts box.
  17. The 416SS barrel comes comped. It is a teardrop shaped opening in the top of the barrel.
  18. In a recent SCSA match I heard the RO call a time on one of my strings that was almost a full second faster than it should have been. I called it as sounding wrong, and sure enough they had read the timer wrong. I am like you, I want to earn it. I would hope the RO would also want to correct things if a competitor called their own mistake.
  19. I really like the MFT Battlelink that I use.
  20. I have found that most issues with 10/22 reliability can be addressed with replacing the extractor with a Volquartsen, and changing the mag plunger spring to a Kidd. I even put these parts on my Tacsol X-Ring and it has been very reliable.
  21. I carry an extra everything almost. A complete gunsmith tool kit, extra mags, holster, ammo, guns. I want to be able to bounce back from most anything that can happen gun wise, and want to be able to help fellow shooters out if they have issues. I have always been a fan of redundancy in my gear, just in case.
  22. Remember to weigh your gun with a mag. I think folks are removing the grip plug weight in order to make weight.
  23. I have forgotten mine for a couple of hours before and it tumbled the brass to a dull finish. Everything still worked fine, but I did just leave the brass after shooting it instead of picking it up.
  24. This is probably more of an issue at tier 1 matches since the RO is many times one of the squad members as well. I found that everything was handled in a much more consistent manner at the tier 2 and above matches.
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