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  1. My RFRO and PCCO first shots are generally in the .5 second range. If I am on I might dip into the .48 range. Some stages are a tad slower. Speed Option is one of those slower ones for me.
  2. I am so glad that my wife and I decided to ignore the pandemic warning and go see him in concert back in March. His show was great, and he was not afraid to tell things how he saw them. I was going to take my little boy to see him next month, and we had back stage access for the show. He cried when we told him that Charlie had died.
  3. My son is shooting the Magnum Research Switchbolt in an Axiom stock. I shoot one too. It is light and adjustable. Reach out to me if you'd like a discount code.
  4. If you haven't shot a JP, I will be glad to let you try mine at Cavern Cove this month (if you are who I think you are).
  5. It was always going to be OL and SO that were left out. The match had been built in Practiscore with eight stages and the wrong one got eliminated. I think the word had just not made it out about the mistake. I am just shooting the Worlds, and am not going to RO.
  6. They are not leaving Showdown out. The registration stages are wrong and they didn't want to start changing the squads. I am an RO on Showdown Saturday morning. The only stages not being shot are OL and SO.
  7. They had a few considerations. Responses to a survey showed that folks wanted to shoot a six stage match this year. They also had to appease CMP on COVID stuff by reducing the number of shooters (2 fewer 12 shooter squads per session). It will be a fast match for sure without OL and SO.
  8. I went from Oakley Prizm lenses to Hunters HD Gold and will never look back. The Hunters lenses provide excellent contrast in every shooting situation I have experienced, including fog, sun, rain, snow, shadows, and combinations of those. The price of admission can appear high, but they are well worth it in my opinion.
  9. I had a Leadstar and it shot very well and seemed to be good quality. I only shot round nose, so I can't say a ton about the feed ramp helping or not. I am now on a team sponsored by JP and switched to a GMR-15. I am extremely happy with the JP. It is smooth and fast, and has been 100% reliable. JP doesn't use a feed ramp if that helps with your question.
  10. I run my dots mounted as far forward on the rail as I can. I am able to pick the dot up better in that position. I do the same with my iron sights for my PCCI setup.
  11. MKIV is a great starting point. Tandemkross offers some nice upgrades. I added them to mine and am very happy with it.
  12. I know this is an old thread that was brought back from the dead, but it is kind of timely for me. I am diabetic and learned the hard lesson that dehydration will send my blood sugar through the roof. I take a cooler with sugar free Powerade or Gatorade with me to a match, specifically one bottle for every two stages. I drink even when I am not thirsty to stay hydrated. I also eat a peanut butter and sugar free jelly sandwich halfway through the match. This has really improved things for me in the later stages of a match, plus helped to keep,the sugar spike from happening.
  13. Do you need to make power factor, or are you looking for a steel load?
  14. Agreed. Just like double tapping the stop plate and ruining a good string by adding time. You can't call the shot back.
  15. Sounds like a procedural to me.
  16. The SCS with tungsten weights is very soft and quiet. I know some folks have a preference for the Blitzkrieg, but I honestly think my heavy SCS is flatter. Also, the heavier weight of the buffer will help offset removing the bolt weight.
  17. I would take two seconds every single time. OL is one of those stages that really sets the GMs apart. The really fast guys dip into the 2s with the movement.
  18. If it helps on your search for a powder puff load with minimal bounce, I have found that around 105PF I can get it settled down pretty well.
  19. I am sure he is. I was pointing out that there wasn't an issue with his performance using a railway.
  20. For what it's worth, the number one Steel Challenge PCC shooter right now shoots a C-More Railway.
  21. I ran my Switchbolt this weeked for the first time in a match. I love it. The rifle handles perfectly, and is very accurate, even with the sporter chamber.
  22. My 9 year old is shooting his first match this weekend. We have worked pretty hard on the commands and safe handling.
  23. I think you will find that a larger MOA dot will help in SC. The C-More is the most common sight I see in SC on PCC.
  24. I see this quite a bit when folks jump into reloading their match ammo without much reloading experience. I watched a friend who is an M class shooter struggle last weekend because they didn't fully understand OAL and how it can throw the brakes on everything when it is wrong.
  25. Last I knew he wasn't offering training to the non-Hollywood types anymore.
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