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  1. mines on 7500 and still running strong...
  2. gotcha. thanks i wasnt sure if that was the reson
  3. ya man i read alot of compalining about the R1 but ive had mine for almost 5k without issue and the one i had before had more the only reason i took it off is because a peice of brass ricocheted off port and chipped the top corner... mine is mounted to and x5 with txg grip and guide rod so all it it weighs 44.5 oz with mag and base pads... i couldent love it more and the CS at sig it 100% top notch not to mention there constently inivating.. i have shot almost every other dot (other then a few of the new ones) and i prefer my R1 to all of them... follow me on IG and watch that bad boy run @yaboyjoshdawson so to sum it up buy an R1 and you may never be "that guy" sad because your sub par dot failed...
  4. ok so i can order a *thumb rest [generic]* for my x5 and still be legal in CO? ok lets give it a try...
  5. so its says " A takedown lever that is designed to provide a thumb rest surface is legal under the existing rules and isn’t much different from stippling on the frame in the same general area, which is also legal. " but how is stippling on a flat surface the same as adding a shelf to put your thumb? i just want to be clear
  6. you shoot this gun in carry optics? i thought that thumb rests were not allowed in CO?
  7. o i thought you were saying it was used for scoring
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