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  1. Thanks gents for all the tips. Just from shooting this summer, I have gained a ton of knowledge. I’m not having issues with seeing and remembering what sight pictures look like now, I’m not calling my shots all the time, but I’m getting better.
  2. Since I first started this thread, I have made great strides in this process. In most matches I’m in the top couple in “a”s, just need to be consistent and get better speed. No shoot penalties have been a slight issue the last couple matches.
  3. I just shot a major match over the weekend. I finished in the top 5 of “C” class in CO. I shot 82% alphas, with 91.1% points for the match. I’m getting better at seeing and recalling what I saw.
  4. Thanks for your input. I know I’m seeing it and processing it, or I wouldn’t be getting the hits so to speak. It’s just that everything else is happening and I’m not registering it in the end.
  5. It’s exactly what I’m looking to hear! I have read a bunch of those topics and plan on working on this process. Since there is so much to try to work on at this point, I didn’t know if I would be better off working other skills more than this in the beginning. Thanks
  6. I found the13# Wolfe 1911 spring to be the sweet spot for me. This is in a non legion X5 with the TXG grip mod and a Spring Precision tungsten guide rod. With my loads, the 12# would not eject the spent brass all the way. The 14# spring is not hateful, just like the 13.
  7. I’ve been messing around with the Brazos Precision bullets. The above was with 1.14 oal and 3.3 grains of Sport Pistol out of my X5.
  8. Yep, usually do a lot of doubles and some steel plate work pretty quickly. I was just thinking slow to figure out shot calling for now. Thanks
  9. With this being the first year for this endeavor, I’m still figuring out many things with my gun. It is definitely not the same gun that I started with, I have made several wholesale changes to it. So every time I shoot, I’m learning it. I’ve heard so many people talk about calling your shot and I’m familiar with it from shooting distance with a rifle. Obviously 2 different creatures when you are going faster during a match. I need to spend some time at the range doing it slow to get that going.
  10. The only other thing I need to do is add some grip tape and I’ll be done. That should be here by the Friday so I can update final weight then. I’m shooting a sectional match next month, I’ll see what the official weight is there.
  11. I also received mine today. Mine came in at 42oz with the Romeo 1, Springer Precision tungsten guide rod, 14# Wolfe spring and 21+2 TTI base pads. This is without the magwell, add roughly another 2oz if that’s attached.
  12. Thanks, I looked at a few different posts after I posted that.
  13. I may be asking a stupid question, but can you elaborate on what you did? I have the Springer Precision grips and really like them. I am patiently waiting on my Legion grip mod to get here and will need to do something with it. Thanks
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