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  1. Matt, I know I want a steel grip and a longer gun but like I said I'm just lost @Nevadazielmeister answered alot of my questions. The gun you might let go is it a open gun? -J
  2. Looks like limcat grip has it pinned.
  3. I like the evo grip alot I have shot my buddy's atlas that has it. @kujo929 thanks for the feedback. That's what I need to hear. @Nevadazielmeister that's exactly what I needed in my life this morning. Are y'all shooting the same load? Thank you. I am deployed right now and I keep hesitating on pulling the trigger on a build from Johnny. Think I'm gonna go ahead and do it. It's just money right.
  4. Rob, Do you prefer 38sc or 9m. I see you have both a chaos and limcat. Which do you like/shoot better? Also are you loading your own? -J
  5. Open. I'm shooting limited .40 now but making the jump to open.
  6. So I have been shooting a Glock 24 limited for about 2.5 years now. I have had my eyes on a limcat since I started and something about johnny's style does it for me. Anyone that has one can y'all tell me pros and cons of the pistol. I have yet to shoot one and would likely go with 9mm. But can y'all tell me grips, safeties, triggers, red dot, etc. I'm new to this and just looking for answers. Thanks J
  7. I have the same shoe. Had them over a year and I'm a big 225# and the tread has held up just fine. Love the wide toe box. Actually switched laces to the soloman speed lace (the zip tie lace thing) Because I am lazy and it's literally my go to shoe for damn near everything.
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