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  1. Love the SV single sided thumb safety.
  2. ICS, the load was 124g bhp PD over 10g VV 383n OAL 1.235. Three holes. Usually averages PF 168. This case was likely armscore.
  3. Hello, i have both 9mm and 38SC pistols. Had quite a few case head seperations with 2pc 9mm cases. Never saw a case head sep with 38SC until yesterday. I'm posting a photo of what was recovered.
  4. I have used the Infinity double sided mount for RTS scope mount maybe three matches and like it very much so far. I am using the mount with a Delta Point Pro. I don't have any experience with other mounts for microdot scopes so cannot compare to any other mount.
  5. Hi hanexp, You answered my email on troubleshooting my SVI open gun last month. I'm still playing with powder. I did use 3n38 and 3n37. The gun to my surprise didn't like the 3n38 starting with 9.0 grs. I when up to 10 grains with a hard hitting impact to the hand and muzzle flip.

    I had better luck with 3n37 which SVI's website recommends for guns with no holes in the barrel. Still fine tuning that powder.

    My gun does not have any holes in the barrel just a 3 hole comp. I noticed that the hammer spring take some effort to over come if you cock the gun by hand. SVI uses a 17 lb. hammer spring. I ordered a 15 and 17 lb. hammer springs from Dawson a few days ago. I think the hammer spring I removed took too much powder to overcome the spring that was in the gun.

    What is your thoughts on lowering the grains and going to a 15 lbs. spring. I was wondering if you ever went down this road with your gun?

    I think some of the information I provided was not clear on my part. I should have mentioned that the gun had no holes in the barrel.




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    2. FrankD


      Hi Blair,

      Thanks for the information. I think Brandon is a great idea. I think the spring I took out was a 19 lb spring. I tried WAC with 6.2 grains with a 124g FMJ. I just didn't have enough powder. So I'm loading a batch with 7g and 7.5g.  I did read on SVI website the they recommend 3N37 powder.

      Thanks for your help,




    3. hanexp



      I use WAC for 9mm only. The advantage of 38SC is that with the longer case, you can load slower powders, like 3n38,N105 etc. With the commander length barrel in my 9mm shorty (not the SV), 7.0 g WAC, 125g JHP, OAL 1.625 gets me Major PF. In that gun, I use 7.5 with 115g JHP. I do prefer the 115g bullet load. YMMV in your gun, altitude, etc.

      3N37 is probably a great powder; I don't have any experience with it. With the 38SC (three holes), I like 3n38. N350 is pretty close to 3N38 in my pistol.

      I am interested in what Brandon's might suggest may be optimum for a barrel with no holes, if you learn anything. 




    4. FrankD


      Hi Blair,

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner GE keeps on the road from time to time. I'm presently trying AutoComp at 6.8 and 6.9 grains with a 124 grain bullet. Hopefully I will ge to the range this week if it stops raining.

      Thanks for your input.


  6. I have an older SV factory Open gun with three holes. It will run Major PF or Minor PF. BeerBaron's advice in post 10 is correct. I personally run 10.2 g 3N38 under a 125 JHP. The gun will run Winchester white box if asked to. First try Beerbaron's suggestion (starts with 9 g). If that doesn't work, maybe look into the extractor tension or as others have said. Good luck. Sounds like you have a great gun. You will love it once it's all ready up.
  7. Wanted to upgrade my 2008 SVI with Ti frame but received word from Brandon, "Due to our current back log we are not taking on gunsmith related work including grip installation on older pistols". I am... disappointed.... Your results may be different from mine.
  8. Not sure what difference it makes but I have 3 hybrid holes in my SV plus comp. I load a 124 jhp over 10g-10.2g 3N38 to 1.235". Some, but not so much in the way of fireballs but they say it is loud.
  9. hanexp

    Buddhism joke

    What does a Buddhist from Brooklyn call a guy who doesn't play fair and or tell the truth? A citta and alaya
  10. +1 for PD bullets. I have tried many low cost bullets while shooting Limited with an STI barrel, mostly with success. Lead, Precision molys, various brands of plated. No real complaints except smoke and gummed up seating dies on my reload press with hard cast lead. Now I am shooting a comp gun and want to keep the comp as clean as possible. I've shot plenty of MG 124 jhp and PD 124 jhp. The only thing I notice with the PDs is the lower cost over the MGs I share the difficulty with laying out for bullets by the case, but 2000 PD 124s at $89/M shipped is the best compromise for me.
  11. I have had no accuracy issues shooting a couple thousand PD 124g JHP through my AET barrel.
  12. hanexp

    Gunpowder Haiku

    Vita Voori 3N38 When you see the blue flash You know you're not flinching 10 grains Ok, so maybe it's a Doha and not a Haiku.... Feel free to add a line
  13. Is your extracter Aftec? I have also cured this problem by removing the rear spring on the Aftec.
  14. I had lasik along time ago. I had really bad nearsightedness and astigmatism. I am right handed and left eye dominant. They gave me mono vision, distance vision in my left eye and near vision in my right eye. Over time my eyes returned toward their prior state. As they did, I began correcting my right eye for distance and "using" the developing near sightedness in my left to see the sights. Recently, I have had a lasik touch up. Now my left eye is for close up and the right eye for distance. I recently switched to open so now I correct my left eye for distance. Crazy! Anyway, I have two comments on lasik: After your brain has coped with nearsightedness for many years, when you correct your vision it needs to develop new skills. The eye muscles need to work differently. This caused me to be really slow to pull my focus from the target to the sight at first. My brain also had to learn to pick out the relevant target image and the relevant sight image from the two sets of images. This takes time. The most important factors in this adustemnt are the desire to hit the target (causes your brain to learn to see what it needs to see to make the shot) and patience. I hope this helps. Keep at it.
  15. I think that Colorado gunsmith also radiuses (is that a verb?) the FP stop to work with his spring set up. I am no gunsmith and reserve the right to get smarter....
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