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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t consider published data to be recipes but rather a statement of results from their testing, meant to be a guide. For example if you determine your oal for your projectile will be longer than what they tested your pressure and velocity will be slightly lower, so I would jump in toward the higher end of their range. Similarly if my oal was shorter, pressures higher, start at the Bottom or even lower. You don’t need to find your exact components listed ( except powder type ). I see no issues using 125 gr information to load for 120gr projectiles of the same type because I know it will work just reduced velocity. A little research on this forum will also tell you how to allow fo difference between eg jacketed and plated. As always use caution, check for pressure signs etc and if you can chronograph your reloads really helps make sure you are on track. If we didn’t learn to interpret and extrapolate I don’t think anyone would be loadin 9 major.
  2. pmills2001 have a look at your springs, you will probably see marks on them level with the dimple on left side where as you load and compress the spring it “bumps “ over the dimple and can catch. I don’t know how to prevent this completely but polishing the inside of the dimples with fine emery paper(1000grit) over your finger seemed to help along with being careful when loading, sometimes you can feel the spring catching, unload and start again.
  3. Are they limited to 10 by a dimple pressed into the sides part way down ? If so its your follower being pushed over this dimple on one side. I found if I don’t push 10th round down harder or further than necessary to get it in then works ok.
  4. As for minor loads in Czechmate just screw the comp on and see if it will cycle. Either it will or won't. Once mine loosened up a bit it has been reliable with just about anything so long as I chamber check my reloads.
  5. CZ tac sport lasted about a month? What did you do to it?
  6. 3djedi make up your own mind. True there may not be a particular advantage and cost savings may not be noticeable but unless you are really serious you are probably like me and enjoy shooting a lot of different gun and competitions that don't require major pf and if you're having fun and putting bullets down range that can only be a good thing. i don't think plinking with a 22 will "spoil" your performance with 9 major so why would minor loads or 44 mag loads or anything else be a problem. Different projectile or different colour primer make 2 loads easy to manage. My Czechmate functions with just about anything and poi same only about 1 inch elevation difference but this is something you will have to test with your gun.
  7. Matt1 thanks for catching that it looks like Mk2 bushing needed for VQ Mk3 hammer, you saved me a headache. Now to search for a Mk2 bushing.
  8. Beer Barron Tandemkross will not ship to Australia and Brownells Australia do not stock or even list the part. Matt1 yes Cleavers do stock VQ kit but the gun I just got is a VQ custom conversion (lightweight) which already has all the other VQ bits in so don't really want to pay $175 for $10 part. Thoughts on why a spacer is not ok?f
  9. I've seen the how to videos on u-tube but living in Australia no one can send any gun parts so I am unable to get the replacement bushing. If I understand correctly I should be able to discard the disconnect lever and spring and just use correct size spacers (washers sanded down) to keep everything correctly spaced and aligned. If so would anyone be able to use a micromiter to measure diameter of hole and thickness of the lever and width taken up by the spring? Thanks if you are able to help.
  10. If you intend to shoot ipsc don't forget 120g minimum. The biggest problem I've had loading 9 major over last few months is finding the right projectiles.For each profile you can easily plunk test to find max OAL but I've found more important to keeping pressure down (you will always get some primer flattening) is the depth the projectile is seated into the case. This determines the initial volume available at ignition and affects peak pressure. I'm not familiar with those you mentioned but I find if I seat to about 160thou pressure seems less, primers look better. Can you load longer?
  11. 6.8 wac 124g gives 175pf for my open load but am also looking for a steel challenge load. My old loads for sp01 are very mild 132pf and dot hops up and back my only concerne is reliability with weak ejection. I'm trying to decide between lighter projectile same powder (6.8wac) or heavy projectiles and small load of fast powder that gives a very different recoil impulse. I know more gas will probably technically shoot flatter but in SC u transition to next target as soon as shot breaks so fast follow up shots don't apply.
  12. Trying to understand the physics of it, a minor load with comp on barely cycles, some fte (not many, 1/100) and brass only flies 6" unscrew comp, screw on nut (Czechmate) same gun, same springs and same loads cycle well same as in my sp01. I still want to shoot with comp on as even with 3.6g ADI AP70 it has noticeably less muzzle flip.(maybe just the weight?) The nut does not change barrel length and once projectile leaves the barrel all gass is vented unhindered to atmosphere so I don't see how having a comp added on end can reduce pressure further or faster. Or is there a different reason I'm not aware of?
  13. Looking for a minor load for SC and NRA Action for a Czechmate, trying to weigh up benefits of 135g with faster powder v's 115 with WAC. Can anyone explain why loads that will cycle a non-comped gun quite strongly struggles to cycle and has weak ejection in a comped gun? Im assuming 5 inch barrel on similar guns.
  14. Fred63

    Open Gun Choice

    Czechmate used to be known for breaking barrel lugs, so much so the used to supply 3 barrels but I believe the lug has been beefed up to overcome this and I have not heard of any of these breaking. Would still be advisable to carry spare slide stop (supplied with gun) . I'm open to correction if anyone knows of newer ones breaking.
  15. Why did you jump from 6.4gr to 6.9gr , did you chrono loads?
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