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  1. Hello, I have recently looked at the SVI Small to Medium Hand Size grips to fit on my STI Matchmaster. Has anyone done this kind of thing before? I have been looking around on the internet and looking at my gun, and it seems that the smaller the grip, the more the frame will not fit. Thanks in advance for any information. Please dont try to sway me on s different grip because of the expense; I have the funds to make this possible, I just want to know if it will work.
  2. For all who replied, thank you. I have just installed a new brazos tuned extractor, and the gun works perfectly. To rooster mcbee, the extractor is maybe what is affecting your gun. Thanks again for your help!
  3. As I ran through the replies, I noticed I left out a lot of key information: MatchMaster 2011, .38 Super Purchased from Brazos Custom Load: Atlanta Arms and Ammo, .38 Super Major 125gr. Spring: Light Recoil Master for .38 Super (9 lbs) and, in reply to Jaxshooter: Yes, it appears that the disconnector is riding quite high. The profile of the disconnector of my limited gun is curved, but the limited gun is a Brazos Custom High Performance Edge, so he must have done some stuff to it. I dont really know what to call the profile of the disconnector, but it does do some wierd things.
  4. Hello all, I have just recently purchased an STI MatchMaster for USPSA. Despite different loads, I haven't been able to get the gun running. I have talked to a lot of experts, who have differing answers to my problem. When I try to fire, it will fire, and stop short of chambering the round. On the few occasions that the gun will cycle, you can feel the slide just barely pushing the round into the chamber. Upon examination, the disconnector on my STI Edge, has a curved profile that allows the slide to easily push it down. With my Matchmaster, if done carefully, I can actually rest the slide on the disconnector, and the slide will not fall. Many people will tell me that I need a heavier spring so the round will go into the chamber, some tell me that I need a lighter spring that will aide in the slide coming all the way back, and some will have other suggestions like bullet shape, OAL, and other things. If some of you have had this problem, I would like to hear your feedback. I would not like to send the gun back to STI, let it sit for a few months, and them calling me to say that there is nothing wrong with the gun. If any of you have any information or recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance for all the help!
  5. Okay, so I have heard alot about converting a .38 super gun to .38 super comp, but I dont know if it is possible to just leave the extractor be, and just use it as is, or do you have to bend the extractor, or get a new one. Does anyone have previous experience using .38 super comp in a gun chambered for .38 super?
  6. Awesome, Thanks, has anyone experience with experimenting with powder charges. Does anyone have information on how much the pressure would change with a 124 GR. bullet? I saw a post from someone who used this load with TITEGROUP powder, and they got some really high velocity, using 4.3 grains of powder. I was wondering weather how much pressure difference would decreasing the load to 4.1 grains make. I'm a complete beginner at this point, so feel free to put in a bunch of side comments.
  7. Does anyone have load data for Berry's 124 Gr. Flat Point bullets and TITEGROUP powder? If you have load data, I would also like to hear what the overall length of the cartridge is, since I am a new reloader, I would like to have an idea of what exactly to use for these loads. Also, if anyone uses barry's 147 gr. FMJs, I would love to hear from those people as well. I know I sound unopen to Ideas, it would be nice if everyone could stay on the specific powder and bullet, since that is what I have, I would like to know what all of you experienced realoaders have to say. Thanks in advance for the INFO! Tristan
  8. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone had load data with titegroup powder that was soft recoil. I have a Glock 34, and would like it to be power factor, but still really soft recoiling, so that I don't have to work as much to keep the gun down. (I'm open to any suggestions on bullet brand and weight.
  9. Thanks, also, where can you find the most effective recoil springs for that smaller ammo?
  10. Okay, As in my last topic I'm trying to pool some information on open pistols, and I'm trying to figure out what ammo is best other than reloaded ammo in .38 super open guns. For a while I have thought about getting into reloading, but each time I think about all of the dangers that it poses with trying to get small rounds to major power factor. I have see alot of debate, and I hoped I could get some insight on what kind of production ammo would actually cycle the slide on an STI Matchmaster. Has anyone ever used pmc, or magtech ammo?
  11. Lately, I have been thinking about an open gun, but I really dont know weather I should get a short one or a long one. Also, I was wondering what, if any the issues on accuracy would be with a shorter gun and barrel. Any Ideas?
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