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  1. I have been desperately searching kfor HAP 115's I shoo them in 38 SC. What are you looking for, I might have something to trade. Jeff
  2. Walther PPQ M2 22, identical to their 9mm, great gun.
  3. Shoot a DPP with dark polarized prescription sunglasses, no problem at all.
  4. I turned my DPP on when I first started shooting it in June 2017. I have not turned it off or adjusted the brightness since. . . . . Or changed the battery. It has been shoot pretty much every weekend since then.
  5. 3-5 local USPSA matches per month depending on the weather/season. 2-3 level 2 matches a year.
  6. I really like the configuration of the shorter slide (mid-length) TI comp and and 6 holes on my LSI build. Gun balances great and shoots very flat.
  7. JJ shot it/used it at the Rocky Mountain 300 two weeks ago. it's long like a c-more but sits lower. Jeff
  8. Actually the Caspian and Para and P9 all came out about the same time and the McCormick (STI) shortly afterwards. My first open gun was a 10mm single stack no optics which pretty quickly got converted to a 38 super SS with a PDP2. Built a caspian Hi-cap as soon as they were available.
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