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  1. I was there. At the time it was the leader for the worst run match I had ever attended.
  2. I don't really have a home range. Just a berm in the back yard. Guess I can't express an opinion without a home range capable of hosting the world match. So I'm out of this thread too.
  3. ? Sounds like you requested the random prize table. My apologies MarkCO. I wasn't clear. I was only using your quote to make the point to Mark R that he was not "just the messenger".
  4. ? Sounds like you requested the random prize table.
  5. I agree with you on that one Paul. It would be much safer to pick up a magazine from the table and reload than to pick one up from where it fell. Who cares as long as no more than 11 rounds are fired.
  6. Thanks for the update. Other than the random draw, I can live with the other changes. Although the finger out of the trigger guard start is a brilliant solution to a non-existant problem.
  7. Who is on the rules committee? I don't know what is going on. No one seems willing to tell me the names of of the members of this rules committee. I even contacted the NSSF and their representative declined (refused?) to tell me. Just wondering why it is such a secret. The representative did say that prizes WILL be by random draw. Also stated there will be other rule changes.
  8. Again. Didn't get one. Don't know anyone that did.
  9. We have young and for that matter old shooters that have been busting their butts trying to get better in preparation for the world championships... all year shooting state level matches and in some cases winning. What did they win? Sometimes a plaque and a hat. At the state level and even regional level I have no problem with this. But this is the world championships. Now you change the rules. Now that shooter that worked so hard on his/her game may win the match but win practically nothing. On the other hand a shooter that decided on a whim to shoot the world championship because it is close could win one of the top prizes. Sorry! It's just not right. Just my $.02
  10. Agreed However, based on the participants that filled out questionnaires, more people wanted Random draw than order of finish. It is also what the host range for Worlds requested. Just a reminder, any range can submit a proposal for Worlds for 2017. The more submittals, the more choices NSSF has as to how the match is configured. What questionnaires? When? What match? Must have been kept a secret. I am not aware of anyone that saw or filed out any questionnaire. I was told that there would be something at the last world match. Didn't see it. Would have been a great idea to include it with the shooters packet if you wanted a good opinion poll.
  11. My apologies to the OP (Matthew). This thread may have gone differently than intended. I'm just trying to bring out that we are all different and we all see and use our eyes differently. Some are able to shoot two eyed and use front sight focus without problems. Some are not. Front sight focus is a good way but not the only way. If you are doing well with target focus, go with it. Practice it. There are really good shooters that use front sight focus. Some that use target focus. And some that say they use an intermediate focus. They all work. I saw a video where Doug Koenig said that when he shoots iron sights he uses target focus out to about 20 yards. There are many other great shooters that do this. As you said in your OP, you said you see the front sight clearly even when focused on the target. That's all you need. Focus on the target but concentrate on the sights. After that just break the shot without disturbing the sights. The Shot will be accurate.
  12. Absolutely, shooting weak hand its even more critical to have a front sight focus to insure an accurate shot. Very easy to prove on the practice range. I guess trigger manipulation and anticipation had nothing to do with it. I stand corrected. I never said trigger manipulation and anticipation had nothing to do with it, but without a front sight focus, he could not truly identify and call his shot, which would/could have in all likelihood saved him a mike. It all starts with the front sight focus, everything else beyond that is executing the fundamentals based on that input. without a front sight focus a mike was impossible to avoid. How is it then that many top level shooters can use target focus and somehow avoid mikes? Of the two, sight picture and trigger press, the trigger is the most important. You can have a perfect sight picture but anticipate the shot and yank the trigger and you will have no idea where the shot went. It's impossible to call the shot. On the other hand have a bad sight picture but perfect trigger press and it is easy to call the location of the shot. The perfect front sight focus crowd don't seem to realize that it is possible (even easy for many) to focus on the spot you want the bullet to hit and still see a good sight picture. Yes even good enough for head shots at 25 yards. Now back to the weak hand mike, most don't practice the weak hand like they should. The timing between the mental command to fire and the actual shot is different from strong hand or free style shots. The subconscious anticipates what it is accustomed to and the shooter pulls the gun down and away from the shooting hand before the shot fired. To say his mike is absolutely caused by lack of front sight focus is doing him no favors.
  13. Absolutely, shooting weak hand its even more critical to have a front sight focus to insure an accurate shot. Very easy to prove on the practice range. I guess trigger manipulation and anticipation had nothing to do with it. I stand corrected.
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