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  1. Here is my update and new test. See video for more details.
  2. Yeah I am going to shoot with bird shot as they didnt want to warranty it being off with slugs. But if its off with bird they sounded like they would. I am going to make a video and pics when I go out to shoot next. Hopefully soon. I will post here as well to show yall
  3. Thanks for your advice I will do just that. Hopefully I can get somewhere with it. If it shoots off with birdshot it sounds like they will do something. I will update this post if anything changes. Thanks for the direction
  4. Called and spoke with carter. He first told me this shotgun isn't intended to shoot with slugs only bird shot so they wont warranty based on slug issues. Carter then me to just shoot with out a choke. I explained that wasn't really an option for 3 gun then he told me add a 10/22 sight but I really prefer no rear sight when shooting shotgun. Guess its preference as I see plenty top shooters shooting with and with out rear sights. Ive also seen some world champs (not in 3gun) rip of the front sight all together so they dot get distracted by that. While that logic wouldn't work well with slugs I was able to keep them all in same hole at 50 yards so for me rear isn't needed nor desired. I wish they would fix it, I dont expect a new barrel just a straight shooting one.
  5. Yeah it was with slugs. federal, win, and federal reduced recoil. With all 4 chokes it shoots left and all 5 benelli chokes as well. Im calling them I think that's the smart route. Ill let yall know how it gets solved. Thanks all
  6. Quailhunter, Yeah I had another shoot it as well and his went right in the same group as mine. To answer all of the questions above I did try all of that except shooting off hand all shots were done on a bench at 50 meters. 20 meters or closer wasnt tried but we did shoot at 70 meters at ft benning multigun match this weekend and still shot left. I have not shot left handed but i will try that. I didnt try was shooting off hand but did shoot off hand at fort benning 3 gun match this last weekend and it was still left that I can assure you. We both managed hits by aming on right side of huge steel plate. I also tested with 4 different types of ammo. 3 full power and 1 reduced recoil. I dont really wish to shoot with out a choke as I know that will get lead in the treads but I had a 3 shot group all in one clover leaf in 10 ring when choke was removed.
  7. So was doing my hardest to find some ammo that shot on and found the following: @ 50 yards Stock chokes shot 3-5 inches left Carlson chokes shoot 8-12 inches left During testing by mistake i didnt realize i shot a group with no choke in gun. this 3 shot group was center of the 10 ring at 50 yards. So something with chokes is throwing it off. I have 4 new carlson chokes, and 5 stock benelli chokes. All shoot left. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Yeah best way is actually not on steel but buying a roll of butcher paper. draw a circle (same size of your largest target) example 8 inch circle then clay size target in center of that. Then test your pattern and recording your: distance to target, choke size, shot size, ammo brand. Easy way to do this is to write all that data on bucher paper in a good spot after you take the shot. Next take pictures of all the combination if you use the same 8 inch circle and clay the scale will make it a bit easier when looking a pictures on a future reference. Then at a match you can scroll to the picture and work the shotgun for your hardest shot. Hope this helps
  9. Yeah I just took out the Flat faced Dark red aluminum follower and replaced with the: http://or3gun.com/OR3GUN/about_or3gun_follower.htm and the problem is gone! Thanks CharlieD & Austin If anyone has this issue just buy the product above or the one Austin has as both seem to have the raised face which makes all the difference. I sprung for the blue only because the "blue" is a unique color and cant be confused with anything else and I know I have an empty follower when I see blue. I have yet to shoot it but if any issues pop up with this follower on the M2 as far as shooting goes I will post here for people with same problem. I dont anticipate any issues.
  10. Glockinator, I just bought the m4-72 for my 18 inch. I heard they were a little mean on the shorter barrels anyone have one with a short barrel?
  11. If your shots are all close Id shoot open. Many local matches mean shooting out of a pistol bay, if that is the case usually open is the way to go. But until you go out and pattern your gun you really dont know. Another variable you can play with is shot size. You can change chokes or leave in one choke and change ammo. Or a combo of the two, I would find something that is simple and you have tested the pattern of each.
  12. I have the 21. I dont see any down side to the 24 as its only 3 inches longer so not a ton more weight and the mag tube is going to be long anyways. I wouldnt go 26 or 28 due to weight unless its a crazy good deal. I just dont want the weight on the end of the gun slowing down my transitions. I do that well enough as it is. ha
  13. Somebrains, I would look into what kurtm said as my m2 runs pretty much anything all day long with out any question. Hate to see you lose any faith in it, that being said if its a major match I would still be running good AA's. For local matches and general practice I run the cheap stuff and never have any issues.
  14. Austin, Yeah Mine appears to also be a smooth faced nordic style follower. I just wanted to also note that I contacted the OR3gun and they said that follower was made for mossberg but will likely fit. I will report back if it doesn't fit. Just for people searching posts for this same problem in the future.
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