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  1. Yes - Same here after about 7000 rounds using a Costa Catalyst Extended. The edge of the metal mag catch showed wear and finally the corner tip curled down enough to prevent proper mag seats resulting in misfeeds/jams. I like the Costa so I just replaced with same. And, I'll anticipate better this go-round. Good luck.
  2. Last Nov I purchased SNS Coated 9mm and had a prob where too-round nose lodged in chamber and pulled free from case on extraction. Scary. They've since corrected the issue and replaced all remaining unfired rounds FREE with re-design that eliminated the issue. I appreciate the way SNS handled the issue and would recommend trying them with cautious test fires, as you do all new loads. I seat @ 1.125 using 125 gr Round Nose Coated from SNS using CFE Pistol @ 4.8 gr for a nice, snappy, quick slide-cycling recoil and more predictable return-to-firing position front sight tracking. Good Luck.
  3. What's Your Preferred CONCEALED CARRY Belt & Holster Combo, and Why? I'm a-shoppin' - Thanks in advance - Go:
  4. Good question DougM: Try this - ask a range officer or another shooter @ your range to load your mags with 1 to 3 dummy rounds (depending on mag capacity) and ask them to observe front sight and muzzle movement when those dummies go 'click'. May be more difficult to catch sympathetic reactions on sandbags than non-rested shooting, but it may be worth a try. And try the same dummy rounds test w/ out sandbags for comparison. This test has worked wonders helping me improve by revealing hidden movement while firing. Good Luck
  5. My goal is to approximate the sweet snappy recoil of my protection ammo in practice reloads. Carrying Speer Gold Dot 40 S&W GDHPs alternating both 165 & 180 gr. in my well-trained and nicely modified M&P full frame (heavier guide rod & spring, four varied Apex upgrade kits, Polymer Trigger & Improved Extractor). I need the advice of one who's attempted same or generally loads practice rounds for that quick snappy less muzzle lift more predictable sight tracking and faster slide-cycling kind of recoil I get from Gold Dots. I've read this can best be achieved by using light bullet weights in combo w/ medium burn rate powders. Suggestions for specific powder and bullet combos appreciated. So far I've tried HS-6 using min to max powder loads w/ 165s. Even min is slow and pushy w/ muzzle over-lift while max is WAY over powered enough to rattle my slide & recoil spring/guide rod enough to be heard thru electronic ear protection. Speer 40 S&W GDHP Reported Muzzle Velocities: 165 - 1150 (Starting FPS) 180 - 1025 (Starting FPS) Closest I've found so far numbers-wise: RBR* Powder Gr Starting Muzzle FPS 44 Hodgon CFE 6.8 1149 *Relative Burn Rate Thanks in advance for your advice.
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