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  1. What 5iron said. Plus gun weight for divisions requiring it (production, ss), holster and mag pouch location, etc. They are a tighter with the rules than locals. I'd say go shoot it. I regretted not shooting the Indiana Section match last year. I didn't do it because it was my first year. I shot it this year and had a blast. Shot with some different people and learned a lot more. Go for it. Good luck!
  2. Ok. So it has been a little while since I posted on this topic. I was able to put ~250 rounds down range yesterday with my new pistol. Overall it feels good and is pretty tame on recoil. I was shooting 147gr Xtremes over 3.4 grs of TG, my load for my G17. It seemed to run those ok. I shot a 7 shot group into maybe 2" at seven yards freestyle with 3 of those in the paster I was aiming at. The gun will perform so the shooter needs to get better. One thing I noticed is it seems to shoot a little low at 10 yards. No failures in those 250 rounds. Discoveries: double action will take some getting used to on the first shot (dry fire should remedy that) Remember the safety. After shooting a Glock and just reholstering between drills I have to break that habit with this gun and lower the hammer. The gun is sweet, runs smooth, little recoil flip. I need to do the upgrades I mentioned earlier to improve the DA and SA, but it is not a game stopper as is. I'm going to get some 124's and see how they feel and shoot vs the 147's. I have read on here that the guns are optimized for 124's, but that may not be the case. Every gun is a little different and shooters' preferences are different as well. My Glock served me well and I still like them, but these CZ's will be in the front seat for a while.
  3. Forgot to say that my pistol is supposed to get here tomorrow. Can't wait to put some rounds down range.
  4. The race hammer will prevent your SP01 from meeting the SSP rules in IDPA which means you cannot play in ESP either. The only division you will be able to play in is IPSC/USPSA limited minor. The same goes for folks who install the Single Action triggers onto their SP01's. Yeah that's true. I don't shoot IDPA because there aren't close clubs, that I know of. When I get a hammer I'm going to go with one of the production legal versions. Probably won't change the trigger any time soon. I'm either going to start with the ultra-lite/sd or the 1485/T2 with the SRS-2
  5. Depends on which hammer you get. They have production legal hammers. But you are correct I believe the race hammer is against production rules and maybe one of the others.
  6. Yeah lowering the hammer at the start and the DA will be different for sure.
  7. Hey all. I finally took the plunge. I shot a G17 all last year but after shooting a friends CZ75 I knew I had to get one and wanted the SP01. Well after looking for quite a while to find one and find the best deal I ordered one from Damascus Gun Shop. Michael is great to deal with and very responsive. Give them a look. Anyway I should have it by Friday and can't wait. I'll probably get some parts from CGW and do a few upgrades following Kneelingatlas' guide. Any recommendations. Their short reset kit looks like a pretty good place to start. Now I need to get mags and a holster. Enough rambling I'm just excited to finally have one coming.
  8. I hear you. I'm hoping we get the December match in and we get lucky enough to have a warm front come through, without rain. Global warming needs to catch up with the times.
  9. I think you would be ok with coated or plated bullets. Like Jack said you will need to watch your crimp. You will also need to make sure your expansion die expands the case mouth enough on coated bullets so you don't shave off the coating like I did on several before I got it adjusted. It wasn't the bullets fault, but my setup. To me they are all similar to load, but charges will differ some between jacketed, coated and plated. Start low and work up. Coated is faster than plated by a few fps in my experience. I have used Berry's and Extremes with good success in the plated variety and have used BBI (I'm sure SNS and Bayou would be good to go too) in the coated variety also with good success. All in 9mm. They all shoot well and load easy. Just pay attention to your setup and you should be good to go. On the crimping front I am not sure what the 10mm requires, but I just use a light crimp in my Lee factory crimp die. I can't remember the measurement or I would put it in here.
  10. GunBandit

    Decocker or not?

    I like that pistol but am looking for a heavier gun like the sp01 (shadow or not). That TA90 I shot was so much easier to track and get back on target.
  11. GunBandit

    Decocker or not?

    None of the desirable Shadow models, which lack the firing-pin block, are available with decockers. Practice lowering your hammer in dry fire and you'll be good to go. I should have thought that through a little more I guess. My fear is a DQ because of an AD, but that should be avoidable by working it in dryfire.
  12. GunBandit

    Decocker or not?

    So I have searched around the CZ section looking for reasons to buy a decocker model (SP-01 Tactical) or a safety model (SP-01). I found some info but it was scattered around. Right now I am shooting a G17 which I like, but after shooting my buddy's TA90 the other day I really want a DA/SA steel gun. It was amazing compared to my Glock and it was just a regular 75 clone. I have read that it is easier to work on a nondecocker model and you can get a better trigger on a non FPB gun (i.e. 85 combat). This is lame but my biggest concern is decocking the gun on LAMR with a nondecocker model. It may not be that big of a deal and I can do it with other pistols I have, I just wanted to get some info if possible from the more experienced DA/SA shooters. Thanks.
  13. My bladetech has a pretty good notch in it for the sight channel. It works well for competition and I would think it would be ok for CCW depending on how high you want it to ride on your belt. It is obviously not a level II retention holster so that may be an issue.
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