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  1. The thing each male must have!
  2. Major loads too? Were they TS type slides or Shadow?
  3. My pair of CZ TS. Converted one of them to open. Edited by GrumpyOne to remove content. Cheers!
  4. 5-15m. Did not test it much further. I suspect, that this is just my case. Test your POI, it might be different!
  5. Changed 6MOA to 12MOA and POI was the same.
  6. Just wondering if it relates only to 2011 platform? Somebody know anything to say about CZ?
  7. Already not factory pistol but... CZ 75 Tactical Sport converted to Open gun.
  8. Sorry for lame and perhaps off-topic question about conversion cone and bull barrel comp - together with the barrel itself they make 3 peace "thing" - bushing barrel->conversion cone->comp. What about durability of this setup? Have anybody had any issues with it?
  9. What are your impressions about this sight? Is the quality comparable with Aimpoints?
  10. Too bad that Google Translate doesn't do idioms And doesn't matter where I live - Murphy's laws work everywhere. Thank you anyways!
  11. Does this make my gun not an Open Gun? And I can use it in Standard Division? Yeahh!
  12. Ha! My open gun is made from CZ 75 Tactical Sport - it never failed! And never will!
  13. Ok, folks, now it seems clear to me, that tube style sights is more or less legacy and personal affection thing. Was thinking to get one of those for my second open gun setup, just to get taste of it. Looks like the best option is to keep consistent and put the same 90deg slideride on it. Thank you for your input!
  14. Read some topics (I suspect that not all...) about tube style red dot scopes like Aimpoint, but haven't seen any assumptions why tube scope was chosen over c-more or any other compact red dot sight. Any of you shooting with tube? As of now I'm very pleased with my C-More slide ride. I do not like compact sights (probably it means that I did not shoot with them enough). Trying to widen my horizons... so - why would I or would not choose aimpoint for my next open gun setup?
  15. As it was discussed earlier I really do not want any injuries to my thumb with left side racker. Thumbrest on the left side serves as a little aid to table starts. Will see it in action however.
  16. Finally done my setup. Looking forward to do first match with it. One thing is left though - magazines. Hard to find long mags in EU for reasonable price. Hope to deal with it soon. Cheers!
  17. Anybody have CZ 75 Czeckmate with some 170mm 26 rounder mags? What is the spring length in this mag?
  18. kneelingatlas, on your CZ you have standard safety pedal, which is lower that one from CZCustom. With it the thumb may not be a problem in my opinion. Standart safety is too low for me and I tend to switch it on accidentally. Nice finish on your other pistol. What is it? Ball detent is must have thing in case of left side racker, I agree.
  19. Well, project progress so far. Barrel threading and compensator are next. Now will shoot minor to get used to sight picture.
  20. I suspect that you own 2011 style pistols. It's slide is higher than on CZ 75 TS. When I grab the pistol my right thumbs knuckle is almost at level of racker. I do not want my skin to go off during the match or training session. Wont be pleasant surprise at all I made test racker on the left side and found that this will be the issue. With this racker style the procedure of loading is quite similar I used to with standard (non-adjustable) iron sight of TS. The only difference is that my index finger will be straight pushing the pedal (and not bent hooking sight blade). Hand position wont change. Practice will show real situation though
  21. Thank you guys for sharing your experience! Since previously I was shooting in Standard (Limited) division with my TS which had stock rear sight, which I used as a slide racker, I'll give it a go with right side racker. I'll create it "Z" shaped to get that hook as far to the rear as possible to: - eliminate as much as possible the need to reach over the gun with weak hand to load - place the hook almost the same level as I used to with stock rear sight - create a base for "starting from the table with weak hand" situations Will see how it'll go. Will update with the pics and feedback.
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