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  1. I am running one of those and it's a great barrel. Initially it would not load the hollow points like stated buti got the chamber polished and now it works great. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. So I looked around and I couldnt find it. I am looking for a load with 115, 124, and or 147 for a taccom ULW barrel. What powder and bullet weight has the lightest recoil for this barrel? I also have the taccom buffer system if it makes a difference. thanks
  3. What do you do with those or where do you put them? Shim stock? Sorry I dont know what that is. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. I wasn't aware of that. I have a new frontier, so anyknody have any ideas on how to shim those up to make the mag work properly and present the round the way it is supposed to?
  5. So I just got a new taccom ULW barrel with the new extreme feed ramp. Taccom stated on their website that hollowpoints would work with this. Well it didnt work on my barrel. I tried 2 different ammo with it. Some Winchester 147 grain hollowpoints and some Atlanta arms 115 match hollow points. Neither ammo would feed consistently into the chamber. So I am going to try some round nose bullets. What loads, powder weight, bullets, do you all recommend. I have this barrel with the taccom buffer system. I need to see what feels the best for this barrel and buffer combo. thanks
  6. If you don't like the 115gr I can buy then off of you. I am abouht to order 2000 of them this week.
  7. I use precision deltas as well. I have used VV3n38 as well and yes it was comparable to aa#7 but a lot cleaner. If you have a chance try out the 115 and see what you think.
  8. What I notice that it feels flatter. I fell the gun comes back to its starting position quicker so I can take my follow up shot quicker. That's just me. It does feel a little more violent in the hand but to me it's flatter. What bullets do you use?
  9. I have any Akai V8 as well and I use to use AA#7 as well but I was shooting 115gr. I would use 11.3 grains of AA#7 and it shot very flat. Now I use HS6 with 9.6 grains for the 115 grains. I switched over to HS6 because AA#7 was really dirty on the gun. I used to use 124gr for a while but I seem to like the way my gun feels with 115gr. I don't remember what were my loads for the 124gr.
  10. i just got one from the Black Firday sale from Rainer arms. I was actually impressed with the clarity. This scope was bought to replace a Burris Tac 30 1-4power. I think this scope is a little clearer than the burris. Also the filed of view on 1 power is a little bit more on the Atibal than on the Burris. I also checked it on the 8x power and the picture was still semi clear. It was clearer than I thought it would be. I don't have any other 8power scope to compare it to but for the money it seems good for now. now I will not compare it to a high end vortex or nything like that. I have seen through those scopes and those are very clear and the field of view are awesome on those. I have not shot it yet so I don't know how it will perform. once I shoot it next week, I will post an update on how the scope performs.
  11. Anybody try any 115 grain for PCC? I may it shoot open but just got a cheap PCC built. I have a bunch of 115 and 124 Precison deltas that I use on my 38SC. I also have autocomp, HS6 that I use. What is recommended for a 115gr in either of these two powders? Thanks in advance.
  12. ar15rick

    HS6 with 38 SC

    I use 9.7 of HS6 on my Akai V8 with 115 PD. Shoots good. it is running at about 175PF. Now what do people use for minor loads to shoot steel, any recommendations?
  13. Rumor has it that JHP are more accurate than FMJ. I don't know because I have never shot FMJ out of my open gun so I can't really tell you but I just went off of what the rumor stated.
  14. 11.3 grains of aa#7. Very flat but kinda violent on the hand. I liked it a lot. Now that I am shooting an Akai V8 stroked, I switched over to 9.7 of HS6 with 115gr precision delta jhp. It's even flatter than what I used with aa#7 and isn't as violent in the hand. I seriously think it's because of the gun and how it works. My old gun was an sti Frankenstein with a Brazos Thunder comp 2 with no popple holes.
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