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  1. Its a great target. If I had only one steel target at my home range to practice with, it would be a spinner. Makes you execute good fundamentals, 7 rounds of 115g minor ammo and its spinning. I used to be like most USPSA people and think it was a gimmick, that you can only do it with major, yadda. Now that I got the stick out of my butt, I shoot mostly 3-gun. I love the spinner, practicing on it made me a better shooter. Practicing on it with rifle made me a better rifle shooter. Now that I am doing more precision, Ill be shooting it with my bolt gun. Start at the top, start at the bottom. Doesn't matter. Dont miss and time your shots so your not losing energy on hits past 90 degrees. Also square up to the target as much as possible, bullets lose energy when shot at a diagonal to the plates. Great drill, plate rack and spinner. Shoot a plate in between shooting the top and bottom of the spinner.
  2. http://proofresearch.com/ makes great barrels, give them a call and you wont be disappointed.
  3. I had the slide milled on a STI Maruader and put a doctor sight on it. I ran open all this year with it, Im putting a comp on it this off season. But do I "need" a comp for 3-gun? I was just as competitive as other open shooters (on pistol) so probably not at my current skill level.
  4. Sounds like Im on the same path you are. Already replaced the trigger group with EGW, fit an SVI trigger bow, extreme grip, milled the slide for a doctor sight. Now just to put on a comp and lighten the slide a bit.
  5. Apologize, it was my understanding that you had to convert the slide by fitting a new reverse plug.
  6. Im not familiar with coned comp's, Ill look that up.
  7. The steel master was exactly what I was thinking of. I would like to modify my marauder for a few reasons. A) Cheaper (Im getting into PRS and dont have extra ends for pistols right now) B ) The marauder already has the slide milled for an optic and C) I like the rail for the night matches. So Im committed to putting a comp on that gun. Sounds like the best way is to have it converted to bull barrel. Does anyone have any lessons learned form converting a slide over to bull? Im going to send it off to get it done.
  8. the loads will all be minor, 130-135 ish. (this is my 3-gun pistol). I was initially thinking of a trubore with a T-1, I heard that comp works well with minor loads. But intrigued about just running a comp with a bushing. Wasnt sure how that worked.
  9. I guess the next question is which is better, to have a comp with a bushing. Or refit a bushing barrel slide to accept a bull barrel?
  10. Just curious and dont have a real answer. Can you run a comp with a bushing barrel? I have a marauder I was thinking of putting a comp on. Looking at my options.
  11. I zero at 17 yds with shot. Then know where my slugs hit at 50 and 100. I figure heck of alot more shot than slugs, most of it seems between 10 and 20 yds.
  12. has anyone ever made ad-hoc rests? Thinking of a large wood clamp I can quickly clamp to props to have a rest if I needed one.
  13. I have this one, I got it in the Army. Its in my bag, but I never use it. http://www.gerbergear.com/Multi-Tools/Specialized/eFect_30-000030 I have a bipod on my knife.
  14. Heck yea, nice for those slug spinners at range. Or long range slugs in a weird shooting position. Not every match, but once in a blue moon it comes in handy.
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