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  1. 98s with 4.1 titegroup average about 1430fps out of a scorpion 16" barrel. Extremely flat out to 100yds. 140pf, no problem knocking down full size poppers at 60 yards.
  2. Great, thanks. Thinking about building that same top end to put on a standard ipsc frame. Will probably have to relocate the serial number thou.
  3. Awesome setup...... Is that a cz 75sa slide with a 6" barrel? I see that the slide was untouched and wondered if that comp was not a coned comp. Also, is the cmore cheely's cz specific mount or a 2011 type mount? Any info will be appreciated, thanks
  4. https://dsgarms.com/ttibnli-rpspp Try this Gerrit..... Eric
  5. Not at all. Its still running like a champ.The porting on the bolt release side is at its limit. It required to shorten the bolt release retaining pin a couple millimeters. Loads easy with no effort at all.
  6. Its a redneck tactical bolt release tab made for the benelli. I modified it to fit between the forearm retainer and receiver. Got it at makereadyproshop.com.
  7. Just finished up mine. This is what I'll be running next year. At first it only ran federal bulk pack ammo and even the light 1145 fps stuff. Could not get it to cycle the winchester bulk pack ammo even if my life depended on it. But after several hours doing research here on BrianEnos.com and boomershooter.com, I finally got it to cycle any kind of ammo i can get my hands on. Havent tried any 940fps stuff yet. All it took was some polishing of the action and drilling out of the gasports another .015". I even did my own porting of the loading port.
  8. Hello everyone, new guy here. After lurking for a long time and picking up tips and tricks here and there, I decide to give the ULW buffer a try. I also run a RCA lightweight carrier. I started having the same problem with the bolt (not the ULW) after about 100 or so rounds. What seemed to be light strikes turned out to be the bolt not returning into battery. The bolt was not closing the extra 1/16 in to fire the round. After a pleasant and informative conversation with Tim at TACCOM, we found out that only rifles equipped with the RCA lightweight bolt were experiencing the same problem. He recommended to exchange the the RCA bolt gas rings with a Mcfarland one piece gas ring. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Instant smoothness of the bolt reciprocating in the carrier. Turns out the gas rings that came with RCA bolt were causing enough friction in the carrier to cause the bolt to not return to battery. A problem that was only able to be seen after going to a ultra lightweight buffer like TACCOM's. The Mcfarland gas ring is only about 5 bucks.Depending on the source, you might be able to find it cheaper. I say give it try with the new Mcfarland gas ring before getting rid of the ULW buffer. When in doubt give Tim @ TACCOM a call. You won't regret it. Once again, Thank you Tim at TACCOM for the advise on getting my ar back up and running.
  9. Saturday was my first time shooting there. And I must say I had a blast while being there. Great staff, ROs, sponsors, and great friends. I will definitely be joining everybody else in this great event. On my calendar as well.
  10. A big THANK YOU to Michael and Lan for putting on a great match. Thanks to Freedom Munitions for the awesome prizes. Michael and Lan are always looking for inputs and suggestions from fellow shooters for upcoming matches. Looking forward to next month's match. Congrats to Nick
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