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  1. Sorry for the confusion, COPPER are the SRP NORMAL color hence the 3% and 9% proportions from a sealed case, box, sleave of SRP. I was wondering if anyone else has had an issue with such a high % of QC failure from Wolf primers. First time for me in over 60k of Wolf primers.
  2. So I just opened up the first case of a Wolf small rifle primer order and to my astonishshment I noticed 3 copper collerd cups among 97 brass colored cups (brass color was historicall resereved for small pistol primers) imagine my puzzlement. I figured this was an abnormality and opened another sleeve from the (same box/same case)and it was a bit better 9 copper colored cups amoung 93 brass colored cups. Houston I think I have a problem! Yes I have contacted the supplier and am awaiting their response. Anyne else notice an issue with the Wolf small rifle primers.
  3. Crusher

    50yd draw

    FSASS- Find Spot AIM Shoot Spot. Always works for me.
  4. While I did not attend I will comment on this particular statement from a "few" years of experience. A good RO/SO makes fair and equitable calls on the aspects of the game's rule set. A GREAT RO/SO goes beyond "fair and equitable" and has the ABILITY to KNOW when a competitor is pummped and on the edge and CAN BRING THEM BACK. I know this because I have seen it first hand many, many times.
  5. Growth occurs at the local level. Locally our club has seen a 35% increase in match participation for each year over the past 2 and as new shooters attend the local matchs they tend to join USPSA as members. To that end we have seen new shooters (non-USPSA memebrs) join at about a 50/50 ratio. Just a hint USPSA If you build it at the local level they WILL COME. Challangeng stages, fair and equitable rule application, fast scoring results are the key components for growth in our game regardless of econmic conditions, make it "intersting" enough and most will find the time/money to participate.
  6. AFAIK there isn't, nor has there been, but the guys who ran A7 in upstate NY might be able to elaborate more as the 05,06 and 07 A7 matches were held at the same club in UPSTATE NY all 3 years (disclaimer: don't confuse upstate NY with the citiodots led by BLOOMY)
  7. If using EZwin to print master scoresheets (to copy/scan) to make many clones, just white out the last target box (eg. T 13) and pen in DT then use that box to score for non-penalty misses (easy for the score guy/gal to enter if they know what target box to look for non-penaly misses).
  8. I have a "routine" I eject the round and let it fall to the ground. It's a "SACRIFICE" to the "BRASS & BULLET GODS" ( fill in the name). When I practice the gun never goes dry, ULSC if for a match. Sometimes at the locals others will come and snatch that "Brass God" round and shoot it over a chrono "just because". It brings bad Ju-Ju their way but no worries from me as I KNOW the PF.
  9. Mark who? Muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. From the US DOS websight (Indonesia) SAFETY AND SECURITY: Several terrorist attacks have occurred in Indonesia, including the most recent bombing at two beachfront restaurants in Bali in October 2005 that resulted in the deaths of 20 people. Since 2005, the Indonesian police and security forces have disrupted a number of cells and arrested approximately 400 suspects linked with Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), a U.S. Department of State-designated terrorist organization. While Indonesia’s counterterrorism efforts have had significant results, the threat remains. As with most parts of the world, a terrorist attack could occur with little or no warning. JI networks and cells may remain intact and could have the capacity to go operational with little warning. There remains a continued threat of terrorist attacks, demonstrations and other violent actions that may affect U.S. citizens in Indonesia. Extremists may target both official and private interests. Examples of such targets include high-profile sporting events, residential areas, business offices, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, schools, public areas, and locales where Americans or foreigners gather in large numbers. The Department of State urges Americans in Indonesia to avoid crowds, maintain a low profile, and be vigilant about security at all times. Americans are advised to monitor local news broadcasts, vary their routes and times in carrying out daily activities, and consider the level of preventive security when visiting public places in Indonesia. Americans vacationing in Indonesia are advised to consider the level of preventive security when choosing hotels, restaurants, beaches, entertainment venues, and recreation sites. The U.S. Mission in Indonesia must approve U.S. government employees’ travel to the province of Papua, and travelers to that region must also obtain the approval of the Indonesian government. Even though other areas of Indonesia are not under official U.S. government travel restrictions, the U.S. Mission requests that official U.S. government employees inform the Regional Security Officer of their intent to travel to the provinces of Banda Aceh, Central Sulawesi and Maluku. American travelers and American residents are urged to update their passports and important personal papers in case it becomes necessary to depart Indonesia quickly. Travel distances, poor communications, and an inadequate health care infrastructure make it extremely difficult for the Embassy to respond to U.S. citizen emergencies. Many parts of Indonesia (including many tourist destinations) are isolated and difficult to reach or contact. Ya think?
  11. Play this game long enough and you will go down, ground and weather conditions are sometimes deceptive and unpredictable, learning to go down safely is a matter of being "muzzle consious" from playing the game lone enough. Often times you take a bit of a beating because your gun hand is useless for braking your falll or assisting in a recovery after a fall. I've fallen, tripped and been involved with an RO collision over time, thankfully these happened after I had lots of time behind the trigger to the extent that I always managed to maintain a safe muzzle when "taking a tumble". Even the top guys go down , at an Area match several years back, in heavy rains I watched two nationaly ranked GM shooters "spalsh" in the mud, the amazing thing was the recovery, both were back up FASTER then they went down and neither involved their gun hand in the fall or recovery.
  12. Just use the sights, if you do you cant miss, unless you mash the trigger.
  13. Not to be a wise azz but the platform doesn't really matter the method may change as you progress. Find spot, AIM, shoot spot, move along. Shot calling is the goal, what ever floats your boat to acheive that objective is "the best" for you at that moment. Only the moment matters.
  14. Recoil spring stacking is more than likely the culprit, (not the instalation of a buff or two) do a search for spring stacking/bind there is a lot of previous information here about corectly sizing the recoil spring. edit: fwiw buffs don't change the overal space available to the spring (for compression) inside the spring tunnel of a 1911/2011 slide
  15. Somewhat scientific approach and may require a bit of experminataion, here goes: Bullet diameter + 2x casewall thickness at the mouth of the case - .001" = case crimp [(eg bullet diam) .356" + (2x casewall thickness) .020" -.001 = .375] Measure casewall thickness at @ 90 deg intervals (4 locations) around the case, total and divide by 2 Crimp DOES NOT retain bullet in auto case, CASEWALL TENSION prevents setback, SETBACK IS BAD. overcrimping is BAD as it can cause eratic accuracy/consitancy of rounds as stated previous posts.
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