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  1. atek3

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    How crisp is the Burke trigger versus the GGI trigger?
  2. atek3

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    @m700 I'm handy but not a whizkid and I got the GG trigger installed in under two hours (and that was with some self-induced issues). I could probably do it again in under 45 minutes now that I've done it once.
  3. atek3

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    I installed the Gray Guns trigger in my X5 and it is a marked improvement from stock BUT the break in mine is "rolling" not "crisp." I don't know if that is normal or mine is an outlier. Maybe my Rich Dettlehouser XD trigger spoiled me... 4 lbs, very very crisp.
  4. Put in the Gray Guns competition Trigger, Talon Grips, and Holosun. With the right length screw it fit perfectly. Can't wait to test it all out.
  5. I installed the Holosun HS507C and Springer Precision plate on my P320 X5, everything is tight. However when I look carefully I can see an awful lot of light between the slide and mounting plate. I don't like that at all. Do I need to relieve material from the plate with a file until it installs with no light visible? Makes little sense to me as it installed well ( i.e. tightly) without filing. Ideas? (Like an idiot I didn't think thru the added height of the plate before I bought the Holosun, thinking about going with a Romeo One to shave a few millimeters off the height ) Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  6. atek3

    P320 X5 Thread

    Sig Pro Shop called me about my pre-ordered X-Five. Here's my issue. I live in CT. 10-Round max magazine. The Factory P320 ten-rounders won't fit the X-Five because of the profile of the bottom of the X-five. You could shave the bottom of the frame or the tops of the magazine baseplates but both would through you out of production, right? He mentioned going with Springer Precision base plates, but would that still be Production legal? I thought aftermarket mags dimensionally different from stock were no-go. I could have a gunsmith ruin perfectly good stock magazines but I'd like to avoid that if possible. atek3
  7. Sadly, it reflects how long it's been since I shot a match that I forgot all about rules lawyering... NYC has not done my shooting skills any good. atek3
  8. in response to this: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/what-people-think-i-do-what-i-really-do I made this one:
  9. awesome vid. Thanks for posting. atek3
  10. Curls only or curls and reverse curls (turning the wrist upside down and 'lifting')
  11. My wrists have given me some problems. I rearranged my work space, started taking breaks more often, and the problem has gone away mostly, but I was wondering what exercises your PT's have recommended to build wrist strength and prevent it from happening again? Thanks, atek3
  12. That's pretty awesome. I met Rob back when we were both running neck and neck as C-Class production shooters in Richmond,CA. Flash forward to today, he's a GM and Ninjer cocking... I'm a B-class What can I say. I've been busy Nice work Rob atek3
  13. Their programming looks solid, but in general I'm skeptical of any skill or methodology that is "too tactical" for us puny civies. atek3
  14. atek3


    I like the enteric coated Costco brand... 1200mg of fish oil, no fish burps. I take 9 a day... I started taking fish oil when I had a stubborn case of shoulder tendonitis...it went away in a matter of days.
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