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  1. I have always found Safariland ALS holsters do not like high sights. I couldn't even holster my Glock 17 that had a Dawson Fiber front that wasn't high at all.
  2. Just like the title says. Who makes a level 2 X5 holster. Thanks, Adam
  3. Well, I have a PSA about PWS pro uppers. If you have an LWRC and the lower has the ambi bolt release, it won't work. They have more metal in that area. I had the LWRC lower form 1 and got the PWS pro upper 11.85 inch to use at work. Welllllll, the ambi bolt release doesn't work and now I am stuck with an upper.....just letting you guys know.
  4. Alright, looking to get some BUIS. i have narrowed it down to KAC mirco with the 200-600 rear and the Magpul Pro LR. I like how both allow for adjustment at distance. Which one do you prefer? Thanks, Adam
  5. I shoot the X5 Legion in competition and carry the Sig x-carry. I was wondering if I get the replacement adjustable X5 sight plate and put it on the x-carry would it work with also replacing the front sight with a Dawson precision fiber optic. I hate how big the carry night sights are and prefer the fiber optic for my carry guns as well. Thanks, Adam
  6. I have had a surefire warcomp, I don't like it because it has too much downward pressure.
  7. Doing a rifle build and i want to choose between these two. It is for work so i can get the muzzle mitigation devices for either. That being said, which muzzle brake does a better job. I have shot both and like both just can't remember if one was really better than the other. - Surefire Socom or Lantac Dragon.
  8. i am left eye dominate and looking to get a magnifier for my red dot. Are there any quality mounts that flip to the left or are ambi. I was hoping not to have to drop a ton on an Aimpoint magnifier. Are the Sig magnifier mounts ambi? Thanks, Adam
  9. How are the FBI Colt barrels (11.5)?
  10. Going either 11.5 or 12.5. Narrowed it down to a few, made a poll, please go and vote.
  11. From your help I have decided either 11.5 or 12.5. It will be from 0 to possibly 300 yards. Unsuppressed. 64gr Speer Gold Dot duty rounds.
  12. Ok. This is kinda going to be a do-it-all gun. Entry to possibly taking 200 yard shots. We have two college campuses, two open air malls and rural to urban in the county. Just making sure BCM can hold a decent group because doing research it seems it be hit or miss.
  13. What kind of accuracy we're you getting.
  14. How is the accuracy of the 11.5 BCM, I read it is spotty. We use 64gr Speer Gold dot as a duty round.
  15. I shot an 1/8” group at 50 yards checking my zero on my scope with PMC 55gr Bronze ammo. Love the Criterion barrels. Obviously sub moa at distance all day long.
  16. Ok, since my agency won't issued SBR uppers I have to get one and I am finally going to break down and do my form 1 paperwork. Another Deputy e-filed and got it back in 12 days. Anyways, so which upper should I go with: - Looking between 10.5 and 11.5 inches ANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD GO! Thanks, Adam
  17. hmmmm may have to look at this one. I stated I was looking at the lantac or surefire because you could throw a blast shield on it. But it the muzzle brake vents gas and sound forward while compensating it my be a win. So you are saying it does about 80-90 of what a lantac or surefire can do?
  18. Nice.....my agency isn't really forward thinking.
  19. I have ear pro around the stock of my rifle so when it comes out the ear pro goes on. Plus it is electronic so it amplifies as well.
  20. It is against agency policy to have a suppressor on our rifles The agency doesn't want the public freaking out with a bunch of Deputies running around with suppressors on the end of their rifles. Our rifles also have to be bought they are not issued.
  21. I actually had to send my Legion back to the factory. I have an X Carry for my EDC before I bought the Legion. The X Carry just plain shoots. I then brought the Legion to the range and I noticed I was short stroking the trigger but i was not doing it on the X Carry. I then slowly let out the trigger and it clicked as though it reset but wasn't. i then let it out a little further and it clicked again and finally reset. I shoot to reset so my finger was telling my brain it was time to pull the trigger again on the first click. My X carry didn't do that and tried another legion's trigger at the gun store and it didn't do it......sooooooo just waiting for it to come back.
  22. I am looking for a new duty rifle muzzle brake. I am running a Daniel Defense M4V1 upper. Currently I have a surefire warcomp but I do not like it. The warcomp compensates too well and it feels as though my muzzle is dipping down after every shot. I have narrowed it down to the Surefire MB556 and the Lantac Dragon due to both of these being able to put the blast shields on them as well. I have shot bought and feel as though they are pretty even but figured I would get some opinions from the group. Thanks, Adam
  23. Get "The Answer". I bought it and it is the best muzzle brake I have ever used. Another plus is that it is lighter as well so i can swing he rifle faster.
  24. Did Remington stop making the double stack 9 and 40 competition model (p16 and p18)?
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