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  1. Guilty as charged. I have at least half a dozen various pistol powders when I'm sure I can make do with 1 or 2 lol. Given the large number of appropriate powder recommendations (if it were me) I'd probably find a load in there that had a decent margin of safety and was supported with published load data (Alliant and Accurate/Ramshot have 9mm +P data if I recall correctly).
  2. I misread that the HST info was pulled bullets not loaded ammo. But this is also kind of my point, if the purpose is for self defense then perhaps replicating the approximate factory velocity is a good starting place to ensure proper terminal ballistics. HSTs are pretty forgiving of short barrels and Lowe velocity but they are typically at the shallow end of penetration. Going above factory ammo may further decrease penetration by increasing expansion. I'm not saying any of the information given is wrong nor am I disapproving of the OPs intentions, I was just looking for the whole picture.
  3. Wolverine, You've told us your goals but I'm curious as to the "Why". I assume you aren't shooting competition, or we'd be talking PF, it's not hunting, not for Bullseye, etc. Are you trying to run a finicky subgun? I'm wondering if you're over thinking this. Whatever your reasoning for NATO spec ammo different powders only give nuanced difference in feel. Why choose to make higher recoiling practice ammo and then search out a slightly lower recoil powder? Especially when you already have 2 powders on hand that fit the bill?
  4. Shell Shock Technologies. Cool stuff, durable, lighter than brass, increased case capacity, and reloadable (with a special die). Supposedly it is cost effective to produce as well.
  5. It sounds like the striker is slipping off of the sear and the striker block is the only thing keeping the pistol from discharging. Pulling the slide back resets the striker on the sear. I think I'd start by checking or replacing the sear spring. I'd also take a hard look at the sear/striker engagement surfaces for wear. How many problem free rounds do you have through the M&P with these trigger parts? Have you replaced any other parts recently (like the striker)?
  6. Well, looking at the time/date stamp, they've all had 11 years to get good.
  7. The general consensus is that Winchester makes the new centerfire, rimfire, and shotshells ammo for the Herter's line. We know for sure that S&B used to make the Herter's black and red box ammo and CCI used to make their black and blue box ammo (aluminum case poly coated bullets). Regarding the flash hole, I've seen bigger burs and more off center than posted above by just about every mfg, except maybe premium rifle brass. Lol
  8. While that would be nice, I think if anything they would want to support Crimson Trace and not a direct competitor like Sig.
  9. How could they be plastic? Does the optic screwed through the plate into the slide?
  10. If indeed it is out of time (no trigger loop, but USB radiuses edge on striker block) there will likely be some peening of the safety arm on the striker. I'd inspect that first. If it looks good, I'd install a known good striker assembly from one of your other guns. That should help diagnose it pretty quick.
  11. I don't think it's as big of a concern compared to a 1911, but it may be possible. To alleviate your concerns you can pick up the magazine sleeves that are meant for just this thing. S&W makes them and I think so does X-Grip and Pachmyr.
  12. Only time I ever had issues with bullet setback (in a pistol caliber) was with a bad die that didn't resize brass appropriately. Replaced the sizing die and I had neck tension to spare. But to be sure we should cover the basics. - did you adjust the sizing die all the way down to the shell holder? - how much are you expanding the case mouth? - have you measured the OD of the bullets to make sure they aren't .355 instead of .357?
  13. Any chance a "1.0" could be converted to an M2.0 with a seat housing block and appropriate trigger/sear components? https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/3006369
  14. Okay, found my decade old notes. My results are different from Shakey's as I was using a different bullet (180 gr Bear Creek poly/moly coated lead TC). Load is reliable in all three guns. Soft shooting with SD between 7 and 18 depending on batch/firearm. 3.1 gr TB w/ 180gr coated lead TC @ 1.45" oal Glock 23 (Gen 3, polygonal) - 700 fps - 126 PF M&P Pro 5" - 730 fps - 131 PF M&P Shield - unknown velocity. For the revolver shooters out there I'll tell you I also tested lower loads in the G23 but they weren't reliable at cycling the action, not that you care. 2.8 gr TB w/ 180 gr BC TC @ 1.150" - 631 fps 2.6 gr TB w/ 180 gr BC TC @ 1.160" - 601 fps 2.3 gr TB w/ 180 gr BC TC @ 1.160" - 546 fps Also I found it works just fine in .38 SPL and not at all in 9mm Luger (semiautos).
  15. I have successfully loaded .40 S&W with TB and Bear Creek 180 TC coated lead. Surprisingly it operated my Glock 23 (gen 3), M&P Shield, and my M&P Pro 5". I'll see if I can dig up the load data tonight. I think I even have some chrono numbers too. I seem to recall it being very low SD/ED.
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