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  1. News to me too. I'm still using my trusty RCBS Jr. press I bought waaaaaaaaayyyyyy back in '78.
  2. I think I'd love to have one but I'd still do the same dumba$$ stuff as I do now.
  3. Suddenly I feel old. What a band! RIP Billy!
  4. NETim


    I wouldn't DQ a shooter for wearing such a shirt at one of my matches. The shirt is obviously meant to protest the US of A. (If only the US was perfect like every other country. Ahem.) I do believe however, that USPSA is a family sport. There is no room for rude, vulgar and/or coarse language IMHO. I would ask the shooter to reverse his or her shirt so the language was not visible. Lacking taste or exhibiting poor judgement isn't a DQ'able offense though IMHO. If this individual was looking to cause trouble, discontent or acting in a belligerent manner, he (or she) would be gone in a heartbeat.
  5. NETim


    Uncouth as hell. That kind of stuff I find offensive and objectionable. Sue me.
  6. I got a Commander early and got one of their belt clips. I prefer what is mentioned in the above quote. Just slipping a nice, thin piece of steel inside the silicone skin works very nicely and now that we get to have magnets on our belts, well, there ya go. It's safe(r) in the silicone skin and detaches/re-attaches to the belt easily with the magnet.
  7. Go to uspsa.org, download the current rule book and read through it. Ensure your equipment complies with the division you choose to shoot.
  8. It takes time, dedication and effort to develop the necessary index to quickly find the dot. Iron sights don't require near the work IMHO. If you're concerned an inexperienced individual in your household may need to use the Glock, I'd stick with irons. Even then, practice is necessary. Just my 0.02.
  9. https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/glock-full-size-5-6-and-xd-m-3-4-replacement-spring/
  10. Major league fraudster!
  11. Great way to get a head start on stage planning and wake up at the same time. More importantly, you're supporting the sport in a big way.
  12. Other than they probably won't be impact rated, they'll probably work.
  13. Click your username (upper RH corner), click "account settings". Look for "signature" in the menu on the left.
  14. As a legit geriatric C-class shooter (64 y/o 55%) I am here primarily to have fun and learn stuff. Folks are free to ignore my input at any time. I do reserve the right to comment when I think I have something to add to the conversation.
  15. NETim

    Guide Rods

    I think I'd rather wrestle an uncaptured rod into an M&P than a GI rod into a 1911 though.
  16. Apparently you've never seen me accelerate out of a shooting position.
  17. I 'spose. They just look so delicate to me. But yes, they do get slammed around pretty good while firing.
  18. Running DPP on an M&P. I just cup the DPP and rack the slide by pinching it with my fingertips on the slide. I try not to put any stress on the red dot. Maybe I'm overly cautious but that's how I do it.
  19. Appendix E1 explains how mags are measured. Most Glock 17 mags with most aftermarket +5/6 mag baseplates will gauge within spec. The EGW mag gauge is the official standard. https://www.egwguns.com/uspsa-mag-gauge
  20. Thank you for the feedback. I did install one of those roller cam blocks at the same time. I *thought* I had it adjusted right. Maybe not. Thanks again!!!
  21. If that's all I had and the need was urgent. I'd much prefer a good plastic safe contact cleaner from CRC or the like. I think the Cramolin/Caig product is the best though.
  22. Not specifically on red dots but on all kinds of electronic connectors/connections. It's good stuff. $$$$$ but I think worth it. I would not hesitate to use it (sparingly, don't glob it on) on battery contacts on red dot sights when needed.
  23. No, I haven't. It's back to OEM in that area now. I wanted to try out the aftermarket but now I'm sticking with the OEM for the detent.
  24. https://www.amazon.com/CAIG-Laboratories-D100L-2DB-Electric-Cleaner/dp/B0002BBVN2/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=caig+contact&qid=1624758282&sr=8-8
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