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  1. So how do you keep from getting lube inside the case? It's safe for inside the cases.
  2. It's a bit rounder feeling then a 1911 with regular wood grips but it's no fatter.
  3. They (STI)have had a friends gun since December with the same crack and they stated they would warranty it. They don't expect to complete the transaction for 6 weeks. Has someone had a denial? FYI all the guns I have seen crack here are less than 5 years old
  4. Just run the gun if it doesn't get worse don't fix(lifetime warranty ) it until your ready to sell it. As mentioned probably a handful of STI's cracked at every club match...
  5. 1.260 on the single stack .40 1.28XX on the stippled STI grip. You can't feel the difference in the width.
  6. My techwell grips with the sandpaper inserts are effectively the same thickness as my 2011
  7. My grip measures 1.260 in the middle, sorry didn't want to take them off. I think they are great but I also run a 2011.
  8. I had both, the 550 would need a case feeder to be faster for pistol cartridges.
  9. I think the SDB loads as fast as 550 wo case feed and is less likely to build bad ammo due to the auto indexing. I have both and like the SDB for a beginner needing only pistol ammo. I would also recommend a 650 loaded up if you can afford it.
  10. Also ejectors can be broken when a full mag is jammed in a gun with the slide open
  11. 25 years with SDB and 2 with loaded 650. 650 all the way for the win.....
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