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  1. Mac wagon. Free crutches. Stills folds flat. Holds my rifle and shotgun in cases on the crutches. Full-size shooting bag plus room for a fairly large cooler. Picture is at a pistol match. Hence no long guns.
  2. I think boogies as well. I'm all about maximum grip. Even my carry gun wear boogies.
  3. I own 7 different Tanfoglios. Mine have proven to be just as reliable as any of my other CZs, Caniks, Stars, Smith & Wessons, Berettas......you get the point. Tanfoglios are my favorite. Just fit my hand very well. The issue your going to run into is holster options. You will be hard to find many options well suited for CCW. Trust me this issue can be a pretty significant issue. I've carried a Star Firestar Plus for over a decade. Love the gun, but holster options are far and few between. My newer carry, CZ 75 Compact has way more options. Just something to think about.
  4. Video I watched from shot show said they would fit Glock holsters.
  5. I enjoyed it as well. Russian version of Fury.
  6. My LTT came with Beretta 15 round mags. The 18 round mecgar mags are definitely much better.
  7. I just moved from FT Hood to Washington state. Temple Gun Club shoots USPSA every 3rd Saturday. Not USPSA but Copperas Cove pistol club puts on outstanding matches. They shoot every Saturday except the 3rd. 2nd Saturday was my favorite. Falling Steel match kinda Pro Am style. They don't use Practiscore at Cove. Also there is an email list that lots of clubs use to announce matches, people sell stuff etc. txipsc@txipsc.net Tons of shooting in that area enjoy.
  8. http://gregcotellc.com/cart/eaa-witness-mecgar-magazines-c-134/eaa-witness-tanfogliolarge-frame-17-round-9mm-mgwit9lfafc-p-1089.html
  9. So far the 11lb has set off Federal, Winchester and S&B Primers no problem. Last match I shot the LTT during tear down I found what I am pretty sure was a Tula round on the ground. I picked it up and put in my pocket till the end of the match to test...it even fired it. Granted that was only run sample of that. But the Federals, Winchester's and S&Bs all have went bang.
  10. I also have a Red Hill Tactical for my LTT, for M9A1. Fits great I'm happy.
  11. Picked up a LTT. Very nice gun I have no regrets. I bought the LTT with trigger job. Great out of the box.....but of course you have to tinker. Out of the box 13 lbs hammer spring. Single 3 lbs 7 oz Double 6 lbs 13 oz 12 lbs hammer spring Single 3 lbs 4.4 oz Double 6 lbs 4.2 oz 11 lbs hammer spring Single 2 lbs 13 oz Double 5 lbs 8 oz Checked with a Lyman digital trigger gauge. Buttery smooth. I will keep mine. Have not had a chance yet to check the reliability of the 11 lbs hammer spring.
  12. I run them on two different limited's I have. they're real benefit in my opinion is they are hardened all the way through. I'm not sure you'll ever wear them out. I believe most of the factory tangfo hammer and sear combinations are only surface hardened and eventually the sear will wear and you will have to get a new one.
  13. Before you drop money on a trigger. Try just the light JP competition springs for 11 bucks or so. I have to PCCs. One with Hyperfire 3g and one with polished mil-spec and the forementioned springs. Hyperfire is better but to be honest when shooting I do not notice. But that combo of springs and polish drastically improves your typical mil spec trigger.
  14. I use a pice of string trimmer. It's bright colored and cheap.
  15. I figured it was some kind of painted finish. Really a down grade compared to hard chrome in my opinion. Originally I choose a Limited over a tactical sport due to the hard chrome....... that was 4 Tanfoglios ago.
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