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  1. Hey guys They all drop in fine. Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t having pressure issues. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hey guys After shooting service for a few years I have taken the plunge into ICORE. I’ve managed to source a 627 and all the other gear in time for the upcoming regionals here in Brisbane. Ive settled on Short Colt with a 160gn Coated LRN with 2.8 of AP50 (W231 equivalent). Federal Small pistol primers, OAL 1.200 with a taper crimp, makes 125-130pf. I noticed last night after loading a few hundred a bulge roughly 5mm up from the rim of the case? There are no other signs of over pressure presenting in the fired brass. Could it be a cylinder issue? Or maybe a pressure issue? Cheers Jack
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